BlockGPT Launches Cutting-Edge AI Project Leveraging Blockchain Technology

NEW YORK, NY, May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlockGPT, a groundbreaking web 3.0 AI initiative, is thrilled to announce its innovative project that combines advanced artificial intelligence (AI) with the power of blockchain technology. BlockGPT aims to create a chatbot with a more human touch and to achieve this goal, it relies on the participation and contributions of its community members. The project utilizes a governance token called BlockGPT (BGPT) to incentivize individuals who provide valuable questions and data, fostering an engaged and knowledgeable community. With the integration of blockchain technology, BlockGPT operates in a decentralized manner, ensuring transparency, security, and limitless potential.

“We are excited to introduce our innovative chatbot platform, powered by blockchain technology and governed by BGPT,” said a BlockGPT spokesperson. “We believe that our platform will revolutionize the way people interact with AI chatbots and enable more natural, human-like conversations. Our governance token, BGPT, is a key component of our platform, enabling community participation and decision-making. We look forward to seeing the platform grow and thrive.”

$AIBGPT Airdrop

$AIBGPT is a token for community-based governance that BlockGPT AI created using the Solidity contract and introduced on the Binance Smart Chain network. The purpose of $AIBGPT is to encourage community involvement in the project’s governance and decision-making procedures.

Similar to other MEME coins, $AIBGPT can be distributed for free through airdrops, and any unclaimed tokens will be burned. Both $AIBGPT and $BGPT hold value in relation to each other. If $BGPT successfully completes the first round of presale, its price will be set at 0.0000077, the lowest price during the initial two rounds of pre-sale. Moreover, 1,000 units of $AIBGPT can be exchanged for 1 unit of $BGPT. The BlockGPT white paper confirms that there are 1 billion $BGPT reserved as collateral for $AIBGPT, as supported by the economic model and block browser data. If the price of $AIBGPT rises too high, holders can swap their $BGPT for $AIBGPT, and vice versa if the price of $BGPT becomes too high. This mutually supportive economic model ensures that the prices of $AIBGPT and $BGPT are intertwined.

A Deep Dive into BlockGPT Ecosystem

BlockGPT is the AI language model of blockchain and group chat. With the technology of blockchain, BlockGPT can use the solidity language to develop smart contracts. Also, the famous person’s one-by-one chat system is one of the features. BlockGPT is trained and has the logic of a natural person. But our team is wishing to collect more information and knowledge to motivate BlockGPT. Group chat is multiplayer; users can chat with others in this mode, and BlockGPT can join Group Chat as the associator.

BlockGPT’s no-code smart contract generator, smart-contract auditor, code debugger, code-to-words, documentation creator, chart analysis & technical analysis, AML features, blockchain analytics, on-chain live data, source of news, and much more, all run on blockchain technology. With the blockchain-based design, all users have unrestricted access to these powerful features, regardless of their location or legal jurisdiction.

One of the key differences between BlockGPT and ChatGPT is that BlockGPT can pull real-time data, crypto prices, the latest news, and research to stay up-to-date with accurate information. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is limited without an internet connection and has only been trained with approximately 1% of available information on crypto and blockchain, potentially leading to inaccurate information.


BlockGPT NFT is a unique representation of BlockGPT’s identity and rights within the community. This Non-Fungible Token (NFT) plays a vital role in the community as it acts as a symbol of ownership and provides access to various features and services. In the future, BlockGPT plans to delve into the realm of the Web 3.0 virtual artificial intelligence world. This virtual world is entirely created and governed by users, where BlockGPT NFT can serve as an assistant to users and facilitate trade between them while adhering to the rules of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

Chat To Earn (Reward System)

BlockGPT’s new chatbot with a more human-like touch has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with AI technology. The pre-sale for BGPT is a unique opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking project and contribute to its success.

The Rule of Chat To Earn:

  1. Participants’ degree of contribution will be evaluated.
  2. Winners must fill in their BSC address to claim their rewards.
  3. NFT reward is BlockGPT’s exclusive NFT blind box.
  4. The airdrop of rewards will be completed 48 hours before the NFT release, and currency rewards will be airdropped 7 days after the sale.

Tokenomics and Presale

BGPT is the governance currency on the BlockGPT platform and is designed to be used for community management and voting. The holding ratio of BGPT determines different levels of permission granted to users, and users who participate in voting receive their BGPT back immediately after the voting ends, while non-participants have 1% of their BGPT holdings destroyed. Investing in liquidity pools is also a way to increase the value of BGPT, which benefits both the platform and its users.

BlockGPT has launched a presale for BGPT tokens, consisting of three rounds with specific fundraising goals. The first two rounds successfully raised 350BNB and 400BNB, respectively, and the third round will commence once the previous round’s goal is achieved. The presale operates using smart contracts, and it concludes automatically 24 hours after the third round opens, leading to the launch of $BGPT on PancakeSwap. Participants engaging in all three rounds will receive a $BGPT airdrop within 1 minute of the presale’s conclusion, while two-round and one-round participants will receive their airdrops within 5 and 10 minutes, respectively.

BlockGPT values community involvement and rewards participants with exclusive NFTs. All presale participants will receive The Memory Of $BGPT Presale NFTs, which will be airdropped within 15 days after the completion of the presale.

About BlockGPT

BlockGPT is a cutting-edge web 3.0 AI initiative that combines the power of advanced artificial intelligence with blockchain technology. The project focuses on creating a chatbot with a more human touch, revolutionizing the way we interact with AI. With the integration of blockchain technology, BlockGPT operates in a decentralized manner, ensuring transparency, security, and unlimited potential.

For more information about BlockGPT and its ecosystem, please visit the official website or read the whitepaper. Join the community on Telegram and follow EthShares on Twitter to know more about the project.

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