BillBitcoin Listed Among the Top Crypto Payment Processors Worldwide

BillBitcoins joins the ranks of fintech elites, named a top crypto payment processor by a leading global tech research firm, cementing its global standing.

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 6, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — BillBitcoins made headlines by making it into the list of top crypto payment gateways worldwide. The crypto payment processor has been recognized in an international listing of top crypto payment processors by the renowned tech research firm, TechResearcho.

Rising Global Crypto Adoption:

Cryptocurrencies are widely adopted across the world today. Several businesses are building crypto payment gateways to accept cryptocurrencies as payments. Reports indicate the crypto payment gateway market is growing at a CAGR of 16.8%, and it is expected to reach $ 4.12 billion by 2029. 60% of the top companies in the world are already accepting and using at least one digital asset for cross-border transactions. The global crypto economy is worth $1.1 trillion enabling businesses to adopt the crypto payment gateways and make profits.

Billbitcoins, developed by HashCash Consultants, is a popular crypto payment processor for merchants to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments securely. With three package options, the payment gateway caters to the needs of different businesses.

The firm’s CEO Raj Chowdhury, also a and blockchain pioneer, asserts, “At Billbitcoins, we strive to provide our clients with a seamless and secure payment experience, while also contributing to the growth and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

Features of BillBitcoins:

    • Wide Variety of Crypto Available: All major cryptocurrencies are available in BillBitcoins.
    • Merchant Account Interface: BillBitcoins enables single-click refunds to customers on payments with the merchant account interface.
    • Faster Settlement & Quick Deposits: Enjoy faster settlements as the payments are conducted weekly, it only takes five to six business days to deposit cash in the bank account.
    • Identity Theft Protection & Online Fraud Prevention: BillBitcoins use the Bitcoin network to maintain transaction records, thus preventing online fraud and protecting Identities.
    • Zero Interchange Fees: The first $1000000 bitcoin payments on BillBitcoins are free. However, after that 1% fee is charged to convert bitcoins into cash.

Additionally, it provides unlimited transactions, report generation, and personal tech support. The major e-commerce platforms or any SMBs can integrate the API ensuring seamless integration. With cutting-edge security features and compliance with major regulatory frameworks worldwide, Billbitcoins is a reliable crypto payment processor.

As payment processors upgrade their systems to enable cryptocurrency transactions, businesses must adapt and provide customers with more payment options. Transaction volumes will continue to grow as consumers embrace making payments via cryptocurrencies. While traditional financial institutions may soon have to follow the same.

About BillBitcoins:

BillBitcoins, a product of HashCash Consultants is one of the leading crypto payment gateways operating worldwide. The platform is managed by a team of experts and has experience in banking solutions, and blockchain technology. For starters, the platform offers $100 daily free transactions, and up to $1000 after completion of background verifications. BillBitcoin also offers a white-label Bitcoin payment gateway for businesses worldwide.

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