ArchLoot: Revolutionizing the GameFi Industry

SINGAPORE, May 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The GameFi industry has revolutionized the gaming sector in recent years, allowing players to earn real-world rewards and financial benefits while playing their favorite games. However, despite the potential benefits, the industry grapples with several challenges that hinder its growth. Obstacles such as inconsistent and unsustainable earning potentials, a daunting barrier of entry, insufficient player differentiation, and a lack of fun are some of the issues that plague the industry.

One of the biggest challenges of the GameFi industry is the unfeasible economic design, which operates on Ponzi schemes. Such models rely on unsustainable earnings, unsustainable growth, and an ever-increasing influx of newcomers to sustain the earnings of existing players. Once growth halts, the model becomes overly inflated and eventually collapses. Consequently, many GameFi projects have a short lifespan, damaging the credibility of the entire industry. Another challenge is the overwhelming barrier of entry, which discourages mass adoption and deviates gamers’ motives. The current entry fees of many GameFi projects prevent casual gamers from participating, and their design invites speculators who further complicate the community’s management. Furthermore, insufficient player differentiation weakens the microscopic equilibrium within the ecosystem, causing many games to have a monotonous design that does not cater to all user profiles. Consequently, the industry struggles with a lack of fun as gamers are not motivated to play.

ArchLoot aims to address these challenges and introduce innovation into the space. The game leverages classic gaming titles like World of Warcraft and Spore to deliver unlimited user-generated content with enjoyable social interactions, minimal barriers to entry, and intricate gameplay. In terms of economics, the ArchLoot team has designed a controlled inflation system with diversified asset sinks, coupled with a gradual decentralization of governance to its governance token holders. This approach creates a sustainable and healthy economic system that enhances the game’s role-play nature. ArchLoot innovatively introduces the idea of an Interactive NFT and a Pass-Gated player differentiation system. The NFT protocol uses numbers rather than words, enabling interaction potentials, while the Pass-Gated system permits casual players, gold farmers, and hardcore PvP players to have different gaming routes. Finally, ArchLoot plans to start community governance procedures soon. The governance token, ALT, will allow token holders to propose and vote on essential metrics of the entire ArchLoot ecosystem.

Since its official launch in February 2023, ArchLoot has received positive feedback, encouraging the team to strive for the best. We encourage everyone to try ArchLoot and experience the game-changing revolution in the GameFi industry.



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