Aki Network Receives Seed Round Funding and Could Emerge as Leader in Japan’s Web3 Landscape

Aki Network is the first Web3 growth stack to track real promotion performances of crypto influencers with on-chain data-driven products.

Tokyo, Japan, May 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aki Network, a data-driven Web3 growth stack, announced its recent seed round funding led by Akatsuki’s Web3 Fund Emoote and Mask Network, which valued the influencer network at US$40 million. Other top investors of Aki Protocol include MZ Web3 Fund, Incuba Alpha, Meteorite Labs, CatcherVC, Alchemy Pay, Futurism Labs, and Oxbull. Angel investors include founders of SynFutures, CyberConnect, DODO, and Hooga Gaming.

Aki Network is the first Web3 growth stack to track real promotion performances of crypto influencers with on-chain data-driven products. Since its launch in July 2022, Aki Network has been growing rapidly, collaborating with 200+ campaigns while connecting them with 2400+ network influencers and 310k+ community members via 303k+ successful user referrals.

Aki Network’s approach to data-driven influencer marketing, combined with its strong network of influencers and community members, makes it an indispensable asset for businesses looking to grow in the Web3 space.

Backed by Top Investors and VCs

Aki Network’s impressive list of investors is a testament to its unique position in the Web3 landscape, including Japanese Web3 pioneers emmote and MZ Web3 Fund. With Mask Network onboard as a core investor and key ecosystem partner, Aki Network is poised to push the boundaries of innovation by connecting more dots in Web3. Meanwhile, Alchemy Pay’s fiat onramp features will allow easy purchases from Web2 individuals and corporations, enabling Aki Network’s user privileges and services to be paid with its native token $AKI.

Partnering up with Web 3’s finest

Aki Network has been the go-to platform for many of Web3’s top-notch projects, specifically as the first station of their global influencer marketing strategy. Notable collaborations include EthSign, an electronic agreement signing application developed on Web3 and backed by Sequoia, Animoca Brands, and Balaji Srinivasan (the former CTO of Coinbase). Aki Network ran a signature campaign with EthSign, bringing over 35,000 authentic participants in just two weeks, with 78% of them completing all tasks.

In an interesting collaboration with Michael Jackson Foundation, Aki Network quickly sold out 1,000 NFTs, with a significant portion of first-time buyers, accelerating the adoption of Web 2 users to the world of Web 3. SynFutures (backed by Polychain Capital, Pantera Capital, and IOSG Ventures) also benefited from Aki Network’s assistance with its project cold-start, gaining 15,000 new Twitter followers for the premium DeFi protocol on Polygon.

Aki’s Gateway Position in Japan’s Market

Japan is a highly coveted market in Web3, and Aki Network has emerged as the gateway to Japan’s Web3 market. Over 14% of Japanese individuals and corporations own over $530 billion in cryptocurrencies, according to a 2021 BitFlyer survey vs. the global average of 5%. However, the Japanese market presents unique challenges, including cultural differences and compliance hurdles.

Aki Network’s unique position and regulatory evolution have attracted attention from policymakers. Aki Network’s recent article published on Twitter and Medium has been liked and commended by the leaders of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s Web3 project team, calling the work “an excellent article on Japan’s Web3 landscape and our recently published Whitepaper.”

Aki Network has partnered with CoinPost for the upcoming WebX 2023 conference, Asia’s largest crypto event, as part of its continued expansion in Japan. The company has also teamed up with leading crypto media CryptoTimes and engaged with Japanese communities through joint AMAs on crypto education and market analysis. In a recent AMA with Boarding Bridge, Aki Network gained over 6,000 new members, while a joint AMA with CyberConnect and Kudasai JP attracted over 30,000 listeners.

Aki’s Bright Future with Aki Protocol

Aki Network has more plans for the future. Aki Network is working on Aki Protocol, which is a multi-chain knowledge base providing expressive oracle services and rewarding data contributors. Imagine the Web3 Google – Aki Protocol will introduce an open API that can respond to project queries like “top 100 power degen NFT traders on Ethereum” or “list of fake accounts on Arbitrum.”

Aki Protocol’s native token, $AKI, will be used for payment to Aki Network’s highly sought-after services like exclusive user privileges (like early campaign access), project campaigns, network exposure, and data API usage. With the upcoming $AKI airdrop, Aki Network is also introducing a three-layer rewarding mechanism that will empower all Aki Network contributors.



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