4th Trackinsight Global ETF Survey 2023 Results Now Available

Trackinsight announces the release of the 2023 Global ETF Survey in partnership with J.P. Morgan Asset Management and State Street.

Paris, France — May 15th, 2023 — Trackinsight, the leading independent ETF database platform, is pleased to announce the release of its 4th Global ETF Survey 2023 in partnership with J.P. Morgan Asset Management and State Street. 

The full report, available for free on trackinsight.com, details the key findings and ETF trends from over 500 professional investors who manage almost $900 billion of assets through ETFs.

The survey provides a comprehensive overview of the current usage of ETFs and insights into how the industry is expected to evolve in the coming years. Here are highlights drawn from the data:

  • Investors’ interest in ETFs remains high, with 56% of respondents planning to increase their exposure to Equity ETFs and 40% to Fixed Income in the next 2 to 3 years.
  • ETFs have gained popularity among investors because they offer attractive features like low fees, easy diversification, and accessibility. Tax efficiency also plays an important role in ETF popularity in the Americas.
  • Active strategies continue to build pace globally. The percentage of respondents having between 6% and 40% of their portfolio invested in actively managed ETFs is higher than ever.
  • Investors are ready for Active ETFs, especially in the Americas, where they also use these products for Fixed Income and Thematic investing, while interest is mainly on equity in Europe. Nearly 80% of respondents in the Americas stated they would be more inclined to invest in an active strategy if packaged as an ETF rather than a mutual fund.
  • Thematic investing strategies are all the rage, with 40% of respondents anticipating an increase in their allocation over the next few years, mainly for diversification and long-term strategies.
  • ESG investing faces greenwashing concerns, and investors expect increased transparency; 60% of respondents have cited the inconsistencies of ESG analytical grids and guidelines as the main hurdle to investment.
  • Investors look for Crypto solutions (single and multi-cryptocurrencies strategies) wrapped into ETPs as an easy way to access this market and get rid of wallet management issues.

“We are excited to release the Global ETF Survey 2023 in collaboration with our partners, J.P. Morgan Asset Management and State Street,” said Philippe Malaise, CEO and Co-Founder of Trackinsight. “This report offers an in-depth analysis of the ETF market, and the survey’s findings will provide investors with valuable insights into the industry’s trends and outlook.”

“The momentum in the ETF market shows no sign of letting up, and this survey provides an important view of the trends fueling this growth, » said Sean Cunningham, Head of APAC ETF Distribution at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. “Zooming in even further, an active ETF revolution is underway, with nearly 70% of global ETF buyers predominantly using active ETFs for equity, fixed income and thematic exposures. It’s critical that we understand the drivers of value and investor perspectives as we move forward on this journey. » 

“We are proud to be a sponsor of the Global ETF Survey 2023 as it provides powerful data for our clients and amplifies the broader trends we are seeing in the ETF market,” said Frank Koudelka, Senior Vice President, ETF Product of State Street. “Overall, the survey findings validate our recently published research ‘2023 Outlook for ETFs: Innovation and Growth Continues’ which touches on many key ‘megatrends’ we are observing from our perch as the largest global servicer of exchange traded funds.”

In addition to the full report, Trackinsight and its partners are delighted to offer additional content with thought leadership articles and weekly updated industry league tables, freely accessible from trackinsight.com, allowing everyone to shed light on the ETF market.

For more information on the 2023 Global ETF Survey, please visit trackinsight.com

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Trackinsight is a leading platform for ETP selection and analysis, offering investors a range of tools to assess and compare ETPs listed globally. With over 9,000 ETPs covered, Trackinsight provides detailed information on each fund, including holdings, fees, performance, and risk characteristics. The platform is used by institutional investors, financial advisors, and private investors to make informed investment decisions.

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