ProprHome Launches Partnership with Metaverse Company to Offer Digital Twin Real Estate Viewings

ProprHome, a blockchain-powered real estate marketplace, announces its new partnership with Odyssey, a metaverse firm, aiming to provide a better real estate experience for off-plan consumers.

Lisbon, Portugal, April 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ProprHome, a Portugal-based blockchain-powered real estate marketplace, has announced an exclusive partnership with a US-based metaverse company, Odyssey. Together, they will provide a metaverse solution that enables customers to view properties immersively. With this partnership, ProprHome aims to provide a more trusted and convenient real estate experience, building on its mission to offer property developers, owners, and agents a new way to earn trust and credibility in every sales interaction.

ProprHome is focused on personal brand building and accountability, enabled by the fact its platform is developed on XRP Ledger. The company is currently operating in Lisbon, where it has created a digital twin of the city. Through its partnership with Odyssey, ProprHome is now offering digital twin design services to real estate developers to enhance their sales process off-plan, or under construction developments. Within the platform, each stakeholder, including customers, can view the property in an immersive way, and in some cases fully customize the interior.

The platform also offers you your very own non-custodial wallet, which is embedded in the site. This wallet enables customers to add their credit cards, bank details, or even purchase via XRP, its supported cryptocurrency. Once the customers like the property, they can reserve it by making a reservation payment. This feature benefits developers, by offering them a faster way to process new sales, as the first 24-48 hours of a development launch are often highly active. With this immersive experience, developers can sell the majority of their off-plan stock four to five times faster than with traditional methods.

The technology also allows customers to truly view properties from anywhere in the world. With a representative view from different levels and floors, customers can see the apartment’s orientation, and even the amount of daylight and shadows it might receive thanks to the Unreal Engine technology that powers the platform.

ProprHome’s ultimate goal is to provide an end-to-end marketplace solution for the industry. The company has a six-stage roadmap, and is already delivering on three stages: developing a rewards-driven platform, payment rails and NFT utility. Stage four is now focused on metaverse integration and immersive experiences, with stage five to follow; integrating secure document management.

According to the CEO of ProprHome, “Our core business is a marketplace that’s inclusive for everyone. We promote real estate agents, property developers, and direct owners to advertise on our platform. This partnership is a significant step toward the future of the real estate search and discovery experience, and we believe the solution we provide will greatly enhance how many people enter the market.

By creating digital twins of cities, and properties, it enables developers to secure sales faster, and for customers to have more visibility. This partnership will undoubtedly transform the real estate industry and pave the way for a more seamless and convenient future to property search and discovery.”

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