Limoverse Token ($LIMO) to list on Bitmart and Hotbit on 24th April

Limoverse proudly announces that its team will officially list the $LIMO token on Hotbit and Bitmart. The token will go live on these two premier cryptocurrency exchange platforms on April 24th.

DUBAI, UAE, April 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This listing marks an exciting milestone in Limoverse’s growth and development as a leading health and wellness metaverse.

The team’s projects (from HealthFi to MetaFi, from DataFi to GameFi) are already making waves in the industry. These new listings follow a similar operation on PancakeSwap and will further strengthen Limoverse’s position in the crypto space.

The Importance of the New Listing

This listing will add to Limoverse’s existing traction, helping them reach more users and build a larger community. With the listing of $LIMO on these platforms, Limoverse will be able to engage with a wider audience. The team intends to leverage the opportunity to expand its reach among crypto enthusiasts and investors.

Hotbit and Bitmart are popular names in the crypto community, allowing Limoverse’s projects to gain market visibility. As the token gains visibility, its market reach can further expand, leading to an influx of new holders.

The listing will let investors know about Limoverse’s mission and the idea of bringing health and wellness through blockchain technology. With more people entering the Limoverse ecosystem, the team expects the network effect to enhance user engagement and growth.

A Project Determined to Grow in the Long Term

Limoverse has planned a set of upcoming milestones, with numerous changes coming to its ecosystem. Specifically, users can expect three important announcements coming in May:

  1. The go-live of HealthFi (Burn-2-Earn): HealthFi lets users connect their Limoverse app to wearable devices and earn $LIMO based on the calories burned.
  2. A CEX Listing will offer additional opportunities for users in the platform’s ecosystem.
  3. Phase 1 of Limo Valley, the team’s upcoming health and wellness Metaverse.

The team will also aim to announce a Tier 1 exchange listing in July and complete the MODIFi NFTs launch.

August and September will bring even more surprises for the Limioverse community. Specifically, users will first experience MODIFi, a project promising to make users wealthier day after day. This platform will go live in the third week of August. 

In September, the market will see another Tier 1 listing, closing an exciting and eventful six months for the platform. 

The Team Behind Limoverse’s Ecosystem

Limoverse’s team of experienced professionals is a diverse group of experts that have complementary skills.

The company is led by Sajeev Nair, founder, and internationally acclaimed peak performance coach. He has over two decades of experience in the wellness industry and is the author of five best-selling books.

Aditya Narayan, co-founder and blockchain expert, was able to secure an equity partnership from a Bollywood superstar for his startup venture Vieroots Wellness Solutions, with an idea-level valuation of $14 million.

VP Sajeev is a technocrat and scientist who has also joined this team. He worked with one of the leading scientific research firms and is an expert in blockchain and operations management.

Hendrik Klien is a DeFi expert, having extensive knowledge in Investment Banking, Trading, and VC. He is also a blockchain and crypto strategist that has led two successful blockchain projects.

Limoverse’s team of professionals has a comprehensive range of expertise, allowing them to tap into multiple sectors and provide innovative solutions. Together, they are devoted to revolutionizing the wellness industry with their blockchain-backed platform. 

About Limoverse

Limoverse is a company transforming the health and wellness space and changing how people manage their bodies and minds. By developing innovative projects such as HealthFi and more, Limoverse intends to become a central platform in the crypto space.

Limoverse offers a Move-to-Earn referral program where users can earn 10% BNB for each referral NFT purchase. So far, Limoverse has paid out more than half a million dollars in incentives through HealthFi alone.

Limoverse works to empower individuals to take charge of their bodies and minds and live long, healthy, productive lives.

The upcoming April 24th listing on Hotbit and Bitmart will open up even more opportunities to benefit from Limoverse’s mission. More people can access the Limoverse app and its projects through these exchanges, creating a larger, more powerful community.

The team is happy to share recurrent news and updates through its social media pages below. Furthermore, Limoverse’s website provides more detailed information about each component of this large and growing ecosystem.

It is also possible to download the iOS and Android version of the Limoverse app. Through these platforms, users can start interacting with the platform and begin earning rewards.

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CONTACT: Aditya Narayan

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