Hyperglot Launches Blockchain AI Art Platform

NEW YORK, NY, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hyperglot is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking platform which will let users earn cryptocurrency in-App. When users step into the role of an AI Coach at Hyperglot, they help to improve the platform’s multilingual language engine.

The team at Hyperglot has announced an exciting way for its AI art app users to earn cryptocurrency through the platform. When a user becomes an AI Coach, they have the opportunity to make the already-impressive Hyperglot language engine better while also enjoying real earnings.

Hyperglot is a completely unique AI art app that goes far beyond the traditional and usual apps on the market today. With its extensive tech backbone, Hyperglot intuitively creates stunning artwork in a variety of styles based on the input of users. This input can be in the form of various languages, making Hyperglot the only AI art apps that can accept languages outside of English.

The platform’s sophisticated tech is based on a deep learning model and a modified version of Stable Diffusion that yields latent text-to-image diffusion models with lightning-fast processing. Filters, a style engine, and more allow this blockchain-based AI art platform to create stunning imagery for both personal and commercial use. Whether using for fun or as marketing content, Hyperglot imagery is a crowd-pleaser.

Hyperglot also features an earnings program that allows users to serve as AI Coaches. This exclusive program allows users to partner with Hyperglot to improve the AI backbone of the platform. “We give users rewards for training our AI by providing and verifying the prompts for the randomly generated images,” said the team at Hyperglot. “These data are collected to improve the language model. Join us today and you can become an AI Coach.”

The team of developers at Hyperglot aims to completely change the way the world sees AI art platforms with their immersive blockchain-based app. Users can mint NFTs instantly from the app, which is now available for both iOS and Android. Learn more about Hyperglot’s AI art and AI Coach program by visiting http://hyperglot.ai/.


Hyperglot is a leading-edge, blockchain-based AI platform that seamlessly transforms multilingual text descriptions into stunning art.

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