Flash News: ETH Shanghai Upgrade Sees OKX Launch ETH Staking Campaign, New User Bonuses and Exclusive Airdrops

VICTORIA, Seychelles, April 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency platform, has issued updates for the week of April 11, 2023.

OKX Launches ETH Shanghai Upgrade Promotion
To mark the ETH Shanghai Upgrade OKX will be running its Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Promotion between April 13 and April 20, 2023.

With this campaign, participants who invest in liquid staking products within the OKX Web3 Wallet will compete for the highest accumulated holdings, with a total prize pool of 20,000 USDT up for grabs for the top 20 participants.

Additionally, users will also receive exclusive airdrops valued at up to $999 and gas fee subsidies for those who invest or redeem assets during the campaign period. Terms and conditions apply.

OKX New User Bonus Campaign Commences
OKX has also launched a new user bonus campaign to celebrate the ETH Shanghai Upgrade.

Between April 11 and April 26, 2023, new users who have completed level 1 verification will earn 2X bonus rewards when buying and selling ETH. Rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

OKX’s Leading Suite of ETH Staking and Trading Offerings
OKX offers a leading range of ETH staking and trading offerings. These include:

  1. ETH 2.0 Staking
    1. Users can instantly stake ETH and receive BETH 1:1 on the ETH2.0 staking page to earn daily on-chain rewards. OKX’s ETH 2.0 Staking Pool doesn’t charge a commission fee.
  2. BETH Margin Trading
    1. OKX began supporting BETH margin trading from March of 2023. This was done to improve trading experiences, reduce trading costs, and increase liquidity.
  3. BETH Borrowing and Lending on OKX
    1. Since March of 2023, BETH can be used as collateral for the borrowing and lending of multiple types of crypto. This improves the borrowing and lending experience and gives BETH holders more flexibility in how they use their funds.

After the redemption function opens on the Ethereum network, the OKX ETH2.0 staking page will support redemptions.

To thank users for their support, OKX will also be launching exclusive airdrop events for users.

Stay tuned to the OKX Support Center for more details.

For further information, please contact:


About OKX
OKX is the second biggest global crypto exchange by trading volume and a leading Web3 ecosystem. Trusted by more than 50 million global users, OKX is known for being the fastest and most reliable crypto trading app for investors and professional traders everywhere.

As a top partner of English Premier League champions Manchester City FC, McLaren Formula 1, golfer Ian Poulter, Olympian Scotty James, and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, OKX aims to supercharge the fan experience with new financial and engagement opportunities. OKX is also the top partner of the Tribeca Festival as part of an initiative to bring more creators into Web3.

Beyond OKX’s exchange, the OKX Wallet is the platform’s latest offering for people looking to explore the world of NFTs and the metaverse while trading GameFi and DeFi tokens.

To learn more about OKX, download our app or visit: okx.com

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