Exordium’s AI GameToEarn Opens Whitelist Application for $100,000 Reward Opportunity

AI GameToEarn wants to transform the gaming industry with its innovative use of AI, blockchain technology, and NFTs. The platform gives gamers a fun and interactive experience while enabling them to earn rewards.

ZAGREB, CROATIA , April 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — People worldwide can now connect, compete and win prizes worth up to $100,000. The crypto community is eagerly looking at the opportunity to join and start earning rewards on this platform.

The Whitelisting Announcement

The AI GameToEarn team has recently announced the launch of their whitelisting process. The operation began on April 21st and will end on May 15th. 

The initiative will allow 2,000 participants to get whitelisted, with 1,800 spots being available for regular signups. The team will reserve 200 Guaranteed Whitelist slots for contributors, giveaways, and contest winners.

The process begins by submitting a wallet to start the journey toward securing a whitelist spot. Users must complete as many quests as possible on the Zealy quest board to boost one’s position on the leaderboard. 

As a reward for joining this event, those who get whitelisted can purchase two AI NFTs on the mint day.

The AI GameToEarn team encourages everyone interested in this opportunity to join the experience. The founders invite everyone to participate in the quests, participate in giveaways and contests, and contribute to the project. 

A Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Oriented to the Future

Exordium’s AI GameToEarn is an innovative gaming platform that combines the thrill of gaming with the rewards of earning cryptocurrency. It allows users to monetize their gaming skills and earn real money by playing games. 

The platform uses blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to ensure a fair, transparent, and user-friendly gaming experience.

The project offers users AI NFTs with earning multiplicators and bonuses to help them achieve more in their gameplay. Furthermore, users will receive a Beta Platform Coins (BPC) package when they register. The value of the package depends on the AI NFT purchased.

BPC tokens let users buy in-game items. Alternatively, holders can hold onto them until they become Platform Coins (PC). PCs have monetary value, opening the possibility to exchange them for other coins or currencies. Players also have the option to earn yield in BPC from staking their AI NFTs.

The platform has further divided its AI NFTs into five tiers according to their earn rate multiplication factor. Therefore, players can expect an increase in their earnings when they stake their tokens on the platform game. 

Additionally, each AI NFT comes with attributes that make them unique and offer users a truly personalized gaming experience. With this, Exordium’s AI GameToEarn platform gives players an exciting and rewarding gaming experience securely backed by blockchain technology. 

About AI GameToEarn

AI GameToEarn is a new project by Exordium, a highly experienced game development team with over ten years of experience. The platform strongly relies on AI, allowing users to hone their skills, avoid mistakes and make more money while gaming.

AI GameToEarn offers both mobile and PC players a chance to have an enjoyable gaming experience in the web3 sector. 

With over fifteen simple casual games developed and 100+ prototypes created, Exordium is a popular name in the field. The company even reached over 20 million downloads for a single game. This impressive achievement proves their dedication and commitment to development, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality. 

The $100,000 whitelist event allows users to join the AI GameToEarn platform and get their hands on these exclusive NFTs. It is possible to learn more about the event and sign up for it at the AI GameToEarn website. The social media pages listed below are a great way to stay up-to-date with the team’s latest news.

Twitter | Discord | Telegram | YouTube

CONTACT: Martin Lisak

Martin at exordiumgames.com

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