Cregis, a well-known brand of Web3, made its debut in HK, showing innovations of digital asset custody.

Cregis has come a long way since its UDun wallet days, and the team behind it believes the new brand and product they launch.

Hong Kong, China, April 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Cregis, a well-known brand of Web3, attended the roadshow of BIG DEMO DAY II in Hong Kong and displayed their innovative asset custody products. Cregis not only provides professional encrypted asset management tools for more than 2,000 crypto exchanges, project parties and institutions, but also will comprehensively upgrade and launch a more powerful asset collaboration management platform in 2023, showing a new possibility for Web3 enterprises and individual users.

More than a wallet, but is a financial SaaS

Cregis is a brand-new brand upgraded by UDun, a wallet product with a 6-year accident-free safety operation record and customers covering HK, Japan, Korea, North America, Australia and other regions. It supports 100+ digital assets, mainstream cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, DOT, TRX, DOGE, ERC20 andTRC20 tokens, etc.

Rather than a wallet, Cregis describes itself as a platform for Web3 users. Cregis delicately carefully designs a digital asset self-custody platform consisting of multiple tool kits to help individuals and teams efficiently and securely collaborate in managing their assets.

More secure to self-custody assets

In Cregis, private keys are dispersed into 3-5 shards through MPC. The shards place separately in the storage on the Cregis cloud and the user’s local computer. Combined with the TEE(Trusted execution environment), each MPC shard generation, calculation and signature is ensured to be performed in a secure memory environment, ensuring that transaction signatures do not expose private key for increased security.

Cregis, authorized by the team administrator, can support one account to have MPC fragments on multiple devices for convenient use under secure conditions. With multiple members and devices, security is not compromised. There is no need to worry about the safety of fragments on multiple Cregis clients as they can be controlled based on permission management and reset using seed phrases.

Cregis uses privacy computing, permission control and other methods to achieve end-to-end security protection from accounts to private keys. While ensuring safe management of assets for multiple users, it further provides security and a better user experience for asset safety.

Makes Web3 business better off

Sometimes, the biggest constraint on asset management efficiency is manual operations. Cregis can help users become much more efficient because of the built-in applications. Collaborate made efficient and simple.

Cregis has a sound permission management mechanism to ensure the security of collaborative operation by multiple users and can manage different transactions based on projects. At the same time, the transaction of creating and signature on Cregis is completely separated, ensuring that every step is controllable.

By reducing manual operations, efficiency is greatly improved. Based on the isolation of asset management and business scenarios, multiple users collaborate to manage processes and risk control, making asset operations orderly and organized. There is no need to worry about the safety of fragments on multiple Cregis clients as they can be controlled based on permission management and reset using seed phrases.

Cregis’s automatic payment application allows for the automatic withdrawal of funds within a secure process by setting transaction strategies while supporting batch operations to reduce operational costs. Simple and efficient asset management functions help teams or individuals achieve scientific asset management. Intelligent collection provides easy-to-use fund collection and intelligent management, improving asset management efficiency while reducing costs.

Cregis also has real-time transfer notification reminders, including multi-signature invitations, transaction signatures, asset changes and other real-time messages. Standardizing the process makes asset operation orderly and efficient. Both personnel collaboration and individual efficiency can also be improved while reducing unnecessary processes.

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