Yogi Launches on Arbitrum Network with 3% ARB to Holders and 2% to Liquidity on All Transactions

Yogi is a newly established crypto platform in the industry. Recently, the company announced its token launch on the Arbitrum Network with innovative utilities.

TIBET , March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yogi, the latest addition to the cryptocurrency market, is launching on March 24, 2023, at 7 pm UTC. Yogi is a new token that aims to be the first crypto offering the new Arbitrum native token ARB.

The launch of Yogi will take place on the Arbitrum network, a fast-growing blockchain platform known for its speed and efficiency. By launching on the Arbitrum network, Yogi aims to capitalize on the network’s potential and provide its users with faster and cheaper transactions.

Yogi, users will receive a 3% ARB on all transactions, and liquidity will be locked to ensure a stable market for traders. Additionally, Yogi plans to launch on the Ethereum chain, offering users more options to trade Yogi.

The Yogi launch will feature a 5% tax on both buy and sell transactions, with 2% of the tax going towards liquidity and 3% distributed among holders in the form of the newly released ARB tokens. ARB tokens are the native token of the Arbitrum network, and their recent listing on March 23rd has provided users with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

To purchase Yogi, users will need to follow a simple four-step process. First, they need to add the Arbitrum network to their MetaMask or Trust wallet. Second, they need to connect their MetaMask or Trust wallet to a bridge. Third, they need to bridge ETH from ETH Mainnet to Arbitrum One. Finally, they must connect to SushiSwap and swap ETH for Yogi.

Yogi is more than just a new cryptocurrency. It represents a commitment to building trust and support for its tokens users. By launching on the Arbitrum network, the team of Yogi is excited to provide its users with faster and cheaper transactions. By locking liquidity and distributing ARB, the team is committed to building a stable and vibrant community.

For more information on Yogi and its launch, visit the official website at yogitoken.org or the official telegram link listed below.

About the Company – Yogi Token

Yogi is a new cryptocurrency that is launching on Arbitrum and will also be launching on Ethereum networks. Yogi is a token that distributes ARB to its holders and adds liquidity on all transactions.

Potential users can visit the following website for further details.

Website: http://yogitoken.org

Telegram: http://t.me/YogiToken

Twitter: http://twitter.com/yogi_token?s=21&t=-k4DeaW65EA8RH7F661xqg

CONTACT: Notshytoshi Kusama

Yogi Token

Info at yogitoken.org

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