Well Medical Partners, which owns and manages a clinic partnered with “CARE,” a web3 medical project, partners with JMHC, JTB’s dedicated medical tourism section

– aiming to expand inbound medical tourism products for upper-class travelers to Japan

TOKYO, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — THE PREVENTION CLINIC TOKYO in The Peninsula Tokyo, which is a clinic partnered with “CARE,” a medical project utilizing blockchain, has partnered with the Japan Medical & Health Tourism Center (hereafter JTB JMHC, http://j-medical-healthcare.com/) established by one of the largest travel agencies in Japan, JTB, to expand inbound medical tourism products for upper-class tourists to Japan.



Since October 2022, when the Japanese government eased its border control measures against the new coronavirus, the number of international visitors to Japan has been steadily increasing. Some predict that the number will return to pre-coronavirus levels within the next year. International repeat visitors who have visited Japan many times have started to be interested in Japan’s medical tourism, including Japan’s unique comprehensive medical checkups (Ningen Dock), as experiences following sightseeing, gourmet food, and Japanese cultural experiences. JTB JMHC handles not only medical tourism products for inbound medical travelers to Japan but also medical checkup products for inbound sightseeing or business-purpose travelers to Japan. JTB JMHC has developed a wide range of services, from creating to selling medical checkup packages, including medical interpretation services and test-result translation services. This partnership aims to expand JTB JMHC’s health checkup products for upper-class tourists to Japan and to attract inbound clients to the clinic. More details will be announced as they become available.

[About the CARE project and the clinic]

The CARE project solves issues, such as data leakage and unauthorized data use, by using SBTs (NFTs that cannot be transferred from a wallet or given to others), a blockchain technology known as a new type of NFTs, to allow individuals to manage and control their personal information. By reducing clients’ obstacles, such as retests needed when they switch to new medical institutions, the CARE project creates a society where patient freedom is better respected. To realize this goal, the CARE project partners with Well Medical Partners and manage the medical data of the clinic.

  • Details of the partner clinic

・THE PREVENTION CLINIC TOKYO(http://preventionclinic.tokyo/

“Preventive Ningen Dock, a new approach to preventive medicine.”

Rather than detecting a disease itself, this method detects “the signs and cause of a disease” at an early stage, eliminates health risks, and provides lifestyle guidance and cell therapy. By doing so, THE PREVENTION CLINIC TOKYO offers novel preventive medical services, such as immune-cell therapy and blood purification therapy, which do not require clients to undergo major surgery or painful treatments that would force them to sacrifice their social lives.

The clinic is in The Peninsula Tokyo, a five-star hotel, which is a very convenient location for sightseeing in Tokyo.

For inquiries, please contact CARE Project PR Office

Staff: Watanabe, Fukushima, Matsuda

Tel. +81 (0)3-5572-6072

Fax: 03-5572-6075

Mobile: +81 (0)50-5236-0395 (Watanabe)

Email: care_pj_pr@vectorinc.co.jp

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SOURCE Well Medical Group Co., Ltd.

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