SCOPSIS and OpSec Security Collaborates with Regie Libanaise to Launch Digital Tax Stamp Program to Combat Illicit Trade and Boost Economic Reforms in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon–(Newsfile Corp. – March 15, 2023) – SCOPSIS, a digital transformation company, and OpSec Security have announced the launch of the Digital Tax Stamp program in collaboration with Regie Libanaise to combat illicit trade and promote economic reforms in Lebanon.

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Prime Minister Najib Mikati was the guest of honor at the event, and he emphasized the importance of cooperation and reforms to overcome the current challenges facing Lebanon. Mikati said that the success of the Regie serves as an example of how productive and investment sectors can be managed successfully when those in charge respond to the requirements of the markets with the mentality of the private sector. The Prime Minister recognized the combined efforts of the Regie, SCOPSIS, and OpSec Security in launching and implementing the program, which has initially focused on tobacco product authentication and could potentially expand into other public sectors. The program aims to prevent illicit trade and safeguard the state’s financial resources.

The Regie’s Director General, Eng. Nassif Seklaoui, also spoke at the event, welcoming Mikati and Lebanon’s Minister of Industrial Affairs, George Boujikian. Seklaoui further praised the fruitful cooperation with the Minister of Finance, Dr. Youssef Al-Khalil, to portray the keenness of adopting necessary measures to support the Regie’s work. Despite his emphasis on maintaining economic stability, Eng. Nassif Seklaoui played an instrumental role in launching the program as his leadership and expertise enabled the program to meet its initial objectives. His primary focus on innovation in the industry and enhancing aid efforts through the public sector underscores his commitment to driving positive change in this industry and other public sectors.

Furthermore, the collaborative effort between SCOPSIS and OpSec Security has resulted in the successful launch of the Digital Tax Stamp solution. The Digital Tax Stamp solution is poised to prevent the spread of counterfeit products in several sectors. The system incorporates unique identification markings and secure information transfer to protect revenue, comply with WHO FCTC protocols, increase brand equity, and promote market traceability.

With a 360-degree view of product movements in the supply chain, officials can obtain live data insights and combat counterfeit techniques. Ultimately, the Digital Tax Stamp solution aims to legitimize the trade industry, promote transparency, and good governance, demonstrating the commitment of SCOPSIS and OpSec Security to promoting ethical practices in the industry.

Mohamad Ali Ahmad, VP – Government Solutions at SCOPSIS in Beirut, stated that, “The initial phase of this project is a proactive step towards adopting the provisions of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). Besides preventing illicit trade and safeguarding Lebanon’s much-needed revenue, this project will be a shining example for other countries in the region, demonstrating Lebanon’s commitment to reform and progress.”

The event displayed the importance of Lebanon’s pathway to reforms and how the benefits will be able to aid the country. The Digital Tax Stamp solution represents a critical tool in ensuring compliance with international regulations, increasing transparency in the supply chain, and boosting consumer trust. The partnership between SCOPSIS, the Regie, and the OpSec Security demonstrates a commitment to the betterment of Lebanon’s economic prospects and stability.

About Régie Libanaise

Régie Libanaise is the state-owned public organization controlled by the Lebanese Ministry of Finance and mandated to manage tobacco plantations, as well as the manufacturing and transport of all tobacco products sold within the country. The Lebanese Tobacco and Tobacco Reservation Department “RLTT” was established in 1935 and today operates as a public utility under the tutelage of the Ministry of Finance. The Chairman and General Manager of The RLTT is Eng. Nassif Sekloaui. The RLTT’s role is to manage the relationship between growers and manufacturers in the trade of tobacco across various Lebanese regions.

Today, The RLTT is the newest center for the tobacco industry in the Middle East and North Africa, it has achieved the highest quality standards ISO9001. It is also the first public facility to develop a strategy for sustainable development for the next ten years. The RLTT plays an important role on the economic, social, and developmental fronts, as it is considered the fifth source of support for the Lebanese treasury, and its revenues amounted to 550 Billion Lebanese pounds for the year 2019.


SCOPSIS is a leading digital transformation company that strives for innovation in providing the most secure cutting edge-solutions for digital transformation, global identification, traceability, and authentication. Working for both governmental and corporate sectors, SCOPSIS is always striving to introduce new solutions and services with the highest degree of technological excellence for increased security and transparency.

From supply chain control to brand protection strategies, the firm is determined to combat the ever-evolving counterfeit techniques and generate a fully integrated data-centric approach that promotes transparency, brand equity and revenue protection. Being at the forefront of this issue, SCOPSIS has been recognized as regional leaders within the realms of authentication and government strategy planning as numerous governments depend on their solutions to safeguard their products, documentation, and assets against illicit trafficking, fraud, and counterfeiting.

About OpSec Security

OpSec Security is the industry leader in providing uncompromised high-security solutions to governments across the globe to better protect citizens, enforce laws, and enhance revenue.

After decades of leadership in serving government agencies and security specialists, OpSec has earned a reputation as innovators in combining digital solutions with optical and material sciences. With 40 years of experience in implementing high security solutions for government clients, the experts at OpSec guide you through every step of the process with our technical staff, project managers, and engineers offering proven industry expertise. With a network of global partners and agents, we’ve aligned the best experts in the world to build your programs. Our partners often achieve full pay back of initial investment through increased revenue within the first year.

SCOPSIS Contact Details:

Abdulrahman Chams
Marketing Coordinator (Corporate & Governmental Services)
Phone: +961 71 52004

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