PurpleTrader Report Shows Surge In Venture Capital Funding For Social Token Ecosystem

Social token sales rise despite the bear market

New York, NY, March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PurpleTrader, a US-based platform focused on trust and transparency in the crypto world, has announced the release of its Social Token Report for 2023. According to this report, the ecosystem received over $403 million in venture capital funding, which has helped develop various tools, platforms, and exchanges to establish a foundation for future growth.

The Social Token Report also highlights increased new partnerships and membership growth across the ecosystem in 2022, pointing towards a promising future for social tokens. It covers several coins, including $APE, $GCR, $FWB, and $CULT, and offers valuable insights to help traders make informed investment decisions.

PurpleTrader’s report found that fan token sales have increased despite the bear market, indicating that traders are investing big in social tokens. It also suggests the emergence of social tokens has opened up new opportunities for creators, brands, and communities to engage with their audiences and monetize their digital content. PurpleTrader suggests that the social token ecosystem is witnessing a surge in partnerships and membership growth, laying a foundation for future growth.

Also, the Social Token Report predicts that this market will continue to evolve. It suggests it will be interesting to see how creators and communities leverage new tools to build thriving digital economies. Comprehensive reports like PurpleTrader’s Social Token Report offer valuable insights to help traders navigate the complex crypto world and make informed investment decisions.

PurpleTrader can also announce that it recently secured $1 million in pre-seed funding from top investors and is currently in “alpha version,” offering airdrops for its early users. For more information, visit PurpleTrader’s website. This press release targets journalists and media outlets interested in covering news and trends in the cryptocurrency market.

As the social token market continues to mature, we’re seeing increasing interest from traders and investors who recognize the potential of these digital assets to revolutionize the way creators, brands, and communities engage with their audiences. Our report provides valuable insights into the social token ecosystem, highlighting key trends, opportunities, and challenges for traders looking to invest in this exciting market,” André Costa, CEO and Co-founder at PurpleTrader.

About PurpleTrader:

PurpleTrader is on a mission to help people confidently build their first Web3 and utility token portfolios. PurpleTrader is an exchange that understands this market and puts traders first by making tokens more discoverable and easier to use. The platform supports traders in creating balanced and informed decisions using a never-before-seen standardized metric system to balance social and financial aspects. PurpleTrader also features curated tokens that can only be found in DeFi platforms, making them faster to discover and easier to assess their reputation. Learn more about PurpleTrader at www.purpletrader.io

CONTACT: andre(at)purpletrader.io

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