ethos Announces NFT to Apple Wallet Display Feature

Brands who work with ethos can now have their digital assets displayed in their customer’s Apple Wallet.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ethos, a leading white-label digital asset platform for brands, announces its NFT to Apple Wallet display feature. The first of its kind, NFT holders with or without a crypto wallet can now easily display their NFTs in their Apple Wallet.

NFTs issued by brands through ethos’ platform are compatible with crypto wallets for those that use them, however, ethos is on a mission to make digital assets a frictionless experience and one that anyone can enjoy, making display within Apple Wallet an obvious feature to add.

“We want to lower the barriers for customers engaging with digital assets, and one way we can do that is by simplifying the process of showcasing their NFTs,” Matias Marquez, CEO of ethos, said. “Of course any customer who receives a digital asset through the ethos platform can hold it in a crypto wallet, but the ability to simply save it to their Apple Wallet makes it that much easier for more people to enjoy.”

Using this feature, brands will be able to make their digital assets available to their customers at any time, which enhances the connection between brands and their customers. Just like all other ethos solutions, this is completely white labelled allowing for brand consistency.

To experience this for yourself, ethos has made a limited quantity of free digital assets available through this link or scan the QR code in the image attached. Claim your free digital asset and save it to your Apple Wallet to be one of the first users of this new feature. The process does not require a crypto wallet or any previous blockchain knowledge.

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About ethos

ethos is a white label platform on a mission to accelerate the world’s mass adoption of digital assets (NFTs) by facilitating rich experiences for both brands and their customers. ethos’ platform allows brands to offer digital assets through a fully branded experience that includes real-world utility. Added utility such as discounts, air drops, early access, or special products when holding a digital asset makes ethos the chosen partner for brands who want to reward and grow their customer base. Whether a brand’s customer is a crypto pro, or it is their first time engaging with an NFT, ethos’ platform allows for a barrier free transaction for all. ethos makes the entire process so simple that even a crypto wallet is optional. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the ethos’ website, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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