CEX.IO Debuts Exchange Plus, the All-In-One Crypto Trading Platform Powered by Institutional-Grade Liquidity

The new offering expands on the company’s legacy Exchange with improved functionality, an intuitive new design, and deep liquidity provided by the company’s institutional arm, CEX.IO Prime.

QUEENSWAY, GIBRALTAR, March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CEX.IO, a global ecosystem of products and services that connects people and businesses to the cryptocurrency economy and decentralized finance, announced the debut of Exchange Plus, an advanced trading platform backed by institutional-grade liquidity.

Built on the legacy and capabilities of CEX.IO’s Exchange product, Exchange Plus features an intuitive design, and improved functionality for traders seeking an all-in-one crypto experience. Advanced price charting, courtesy of TradingView, enables users to monitor movements and respond, from a single trading terminal.

With liquidity provided by the company’s institutional arm, CEX.IO Prime, Exchange Plus uses “smart router” technology to access deeper pools of bids and asks across a wider range of available markets. This decreases price spread and slippages, and shows the most up-to-date pairings to would-be participants.

“After nearly a decade of driving innovation in the crypto space, Exchange Plus is informed by our tenure as a trusted guide,” said John Werneke, CEX.IO’s Chief Product Officer. “The aim was to fill remaining gaps in a crypto trader’s toolkit.”

Fully-verified CEX.IO users can create up to five (5) sub-accounts on Exchange Plus to experiment with new trading strategies, and manage their individual risk appetites. Legacy users will recognize new order types like Stop, Good til Date, and Immediate or Cancel, which allow for greater flexibility and precision around trade execution.

Nested among CEX.IO’s ecosystem of award-winning crypto products, Exchange Plus integrates seamlessly with custodial wallet services, and provides access to a suite of available payment providers and funding methods. With division between user and company funds seeing renewed public scrutiny, Exchange Plus offers peace of mind through clearly defined protections.

“By holding user assets in 1:1 custody, and only putting company funds on the line, we’re well positioned to absorb the shock of any sudden turbulence,” Werneke added. “Not only does this better insulate our community from risk, but it empowers our users to confidently engage with a wider array of potential pathways as they explore their crypto journey.”

To learn more about Exchange Plus, please visit here.



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