Aeterna Ecosystem Upcoming Contract Migration to New Version 2 Certik Audited Smart Contract

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Aeterna Ecosystem announced that the migration of its version 1 smart contract to the updated version 2 smart contract is approaching completion. The migration was done with great precision and care under the guidance of blockchain experts who have extensive experience in contract management and upgrading.

The version 2 smart contract has now been fully audited by Certik, provides an improved user experience compared to the previous version 1, and is being prepped to go live. It includes features like more streamlined asset management, complicated coding functions, new security protocols and token deflation mechanisms which makes it easier for users who utilize services provided by Aeterna dApps. All new users will exclusively be dealing with the new Version 2 Smart Contract, while existing users will only pay gas fees during token transfers and in order to use their tokens within a dApp.

For greater clarification, here’s an update with the necessary information regarding this token migration process.


Aeterna’s contract migration from version 1 to version 2 was part of the process of updating an existing smart contract to include the necessary amendments taking into account suggestions from the Certik audit. This upgrade included improving functionality, bug fixes, and security improvements.

To ensure that users have a seamless transition, the team has planned out every step prior to execution. Once all initial testing was completed and there were no compatibility issues found between versions, they began facilitating a secure migration process from version 1 to version 2 by deploying the new contract on its own address and running further tests on the testnet. Additionally, the team’s developers implemented proper authorization measures for accessing contracts in order to protect against potential malicious activity. 

Certik Audit – 

Aeterna is very pleased to have Certik provide the audit for version 2, further verifying the integrity and security of the contract. The contract update was done in part after taking into careful consideration the suggestions provided to the team by the Certik Audit. 

It is no secret that the level of credibility a Certik audit brings to a crypto project is extremely high. As one of the most respected and trusted blockchain security firms, Certik’s thorough audits can help identify vulnerabilities and potential issues within a project’s code. They also provide an independent assessment of the quality and security of the code, which in turn can improve the credibility and overall trustworthiness of a project.

Automatic Airdrops – 

Aeterna understands that not everyone is apprised of the latest changes and project news, because of this, an automatic token airdrop for version 2 will be done to provide as seamless a migration process as possible for all current migrating holders. 

An automatic airdrop is a way for token holders to receive additional tokens without having to do anything. During a token migration, an automatic airdrop will occur to make sure all holders retain their tokens. The amount each holder receives will depend on the ratio that was defined before the airdrop period began. 

Airdrops often happen as part of an ongoing token launch process or when developers decide to upgrade their network or switch protocols. They generally help increase support for new tokens and reward holders in anticipation of potential price increases post-migration.

Utilities –

By utilizing features such as a lottery, escrow, decentralized coin exchange (DCE), and staking platform, Aeterna can provide users with the necessary tools to protect their investments and interests. 

Lottery: A lottery would be an important part of making sure the system remains secure. It adds an element of unpredictability that ensures no user has an advantage over others. All users will have an equal chance of winning any prize available on the network. This type of randomization has been used in traditional lotteries for centuries and is proven to be fair in many cases. 

Escrow: Escrow will also be integrated into the system as a further measure against fraud or theft. Through escrow services, transactions can be verified before funds can be released from seller to buyer. This way, both parties are assured that payments are real and protected from fraudulent activity or malicious intent. Furthermore, each transaction within this ecosystem can be stored securely in a timely manner so that it is available for future reference if there is any dispute or issue with regards to the transaction itself.
Decentralized Coin Exchange (DCE): DCEs provide people with the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without relying on centralized exchanges. Decentralized exchanges give users total control over their funds by having direct access to their wallets through smart contracts or peer-to-peer networks instead of relying on third-party intermediaries such as banks and other financial institutions. The removal of middlemen allows traders to perform transactions more quickly and efficiently while helping keep fees lower when compared to more centralized options like Binance, Coinbase etc.. 

Staking Platform: Staking platforms enable users to earn rewards based on their contributions towards platforms allow users who hold tokens within this ecosystem to earn income simply by supporting the network’s growth through periodically locking up their tokens into nodes which then process transactions executed through those networks – much like how miners receive rewards for creating new blocks in PoW systems. The main benefit here is that by running a node you create more liquidity across different blockchains which helps it become more sustainable in terms of usage as well streaming ownership advantages like revenue distributions etc.. 

Other than these utilities, several developments are being worked on in the background which will allow Aeterna to optimally scale as the ecosystem grows.

These features will ensure that individuals using the platform always feel secure when making transactions throughout this decentralized ecosystem by keeping all their data safe from outside influence and effectively creating an overall transparent trading environment for everyone involved in process both experienced newcomers alike!


Aeterna is excited to announce its upcoming token Presale for Aeterna v2, envisioned to be the world’s safest crypto ecosystem.
The token contract will go live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and people will be able to purchase them with the chain’s native token, BNB. The presale will be held both on-site and on the chosen partner launchpad. It is open to both pre-existing and non-preexisting investors, but be sure to act fast as there is a limited amount available.

Aeterna is building a safe, decentralized ecosystem that is essential for the digital economy to thrive. With a focus on security, sustainability, and user-friendliness, this ecosystem utilizes multiple features to ensure a secure environment, catered to both new and experienced investors entering the space. The team has worked hard behind the scenes to make this launch as smooth as possible.

For any questions and inquiries about the project, head over to the Telegram or Discord community. The team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have and provide more information about the project.
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For those interested, stay tuned for more information as launch details will be revealed over the next coming weeks. It’s sure to be an event you’ll definitely want to be a part of. Through the presale, investors will have access to exclusive token discounts as well as other perks and limited-edition items.

Aeterna v2 Presale dates to be announced alongside information regarding the launch structure and parameters. The Aeterna team looks forward to seeing everyone there.

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