Liminal.Market partners with Lunar Strategy, a top Web3 Growth Agency

Lisbon, Portugal, Feb. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — is thrilled to announce its partnership with Lunar Strategy, a leading European Web3 growth agency. 

Since 2021, they’ve been pioneers in blockchain and Web3 marketing. In that time, they’ve worked with some top projects in the space to acquire users, create buzz, and grow their community.

This marks the beginning of a collaborative partnership to help Liminal accelerate the achievement of its strategic goals.

What is Liminal.Market?

Liminal.Market is a securities trading protocol on Blockchain, a bridge between the stock market to the Web3 world. Simply put, with Liminal Market, anyone can trade stocks from their crypto wallet. 

At Liminal Market, we’re creating a revolutionary platform that is interoperable and transparent through blockchain technology. 

When you invest in securities using Liminal.Market, you own the actual real-world asset (underlying asset) in the stock market; unlike other investment protocols that allow you to own a derivative of your stock, Liminal gives you direct ownership of the security, eliminating the risks associated with derivatives.

Each stock is represented by a corresponding token on the blockchain, ensuring a 1:1 collateralization ratio.

“ allows you to buy and sell stock like any other platform. But underneath, we use blockchain, which turns into an interoperable and transparent solution.” – Ingi Gauti Ragnarsson, Founder and CEO of Liminal.Market.

“Imagine being able to lock your stocks and put them up as collateral for a loan in other currencies on platforms that support Liminal.Market. Also, we believe that this space is the future, and we’re excited to offer developers the opportunity to build on top of our platform and bring their own innovative ideas to life.” he added.

Some key features of Liminal.Market  

Tokenized Stocks and ETFs 

Liminal.Market offers anyone the opportunity to buy stocks and ETFs with a simple click using cryptocurrencies. The platform already provides access to over 5,600 stocks and ETFs on-chain. With the power of blockchain, Liminal.Market has already eliminated many inconveniences associated with transacting on off-chain platforms, such as platform lock-in and the freedom to move between platforms as you wish. 


Staking is becoming a popular trend in DeFi presently and will be a unique addition to the Liminal.Market platform in the future. This means that with Liminal.Market, anyone holding a portfolio of stocks and ETFs will be able to stake their portfolio of stocks. That way, they can mint or borrow stable coins or other tokens on protocols supporting Liminal.Market, using their locked stocks as collateral.

Users can enhance the yield and capital efficiency of their portfolio and do that seamlessly. Traditional methods of enhancing yield and capital efficiency can be complicated and costly due to procedures and the risk of making mistakes. Liminal.Market offers a more streamlined and accessible solution.

Solution for Developers

Liminal.Market runs on an open smart contract API that web and smart contract developers can build their products using the available on-chain data already provided by Liminal.Market. DeFi service providers can easily integrate stocks into their offerings to investors and users, creating more revenue opportunities.

The partnership with Lunar Strategy will include marketing, growth hacking phases, and strategic partnerships that will accelerate Liminal.Market’s vision of opening up new opportunities in the DeFi space.

About Liminal.Market

Liminal.Market protocol allows users to buy & sell securities (stocks & ETFs) using blockchain technology, having a real underlying asset, liberating the user from the vendor lock-in. Liminal.Market already provides access to over 5,600 stocks and ETFs on-chain. No other protocol can provide this quantity of stocks and ETFs, creating a great selection for the user.

About Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy is a top European Web3 marketing agency that understands the significant shift away from traditional marketing strategies that Web3 projects require. Having partnered with leading crypto, NFT, and metaverse companies worldwide, Lunar has mastered what it takes to succeed in this ever-competitive landscape.

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