Flash News: OKX Expands Web3 Ecosystem with Beefy and Synthetix Integrations, Introduces Dip Sniper & Peak Sniper Trading Tools

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Feb. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency platform, has issued updates for the week of February 20, 2023.

OKX Web3 Wallet Integrates with Beefy and Synthetix protocols
OKX has further expanded its Web3 ecosystem with the integration of the Beefy yield and Synthetix DeFi protocols with the OKX Web3 Wallet. The OKX Wallet web extension is fully integrated with both the Beefy and Synthetix platforms, enabling users to better and more easily manage their assets on these platforms.

Beefy is a Decentralized, Multichain Yield Optimizer platform that allows users to earn compound interest on their crypto. Through a set of investment strategies secured and enforced by smart contracts, Beefy automatically maximizes rewards from various liquidity pools, automated market making projects, and other yield farming opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem.

Synthetix is an Ethereum-based protocol for issuing synthetic assets. Analogous to derivatives in legacy finance, synthetic assets are financial instruments that track and provide the returns of another asset without requiring you to hold that asset.

OKX Introduces Dip Sniper and Peak Sniper Trading Tools
OKX has also rolled out its Dip Sniper and Peak Sniper trading tools, allowing users to buy assets at discounted prices and sell them at a premium.

Found under Trading Bots in the OKX app, Dip Sniper allows users to fill a portion of their buy order at a lower price, even if the asset does not actually reach that price. Conversely, Peak Sniper allows them to fill a portion of their sell order at their desired price even if the asset does not reach that price.

Find out more about Dip and Peak Sniper on OKX Twitter.

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About OKX

OKX is one of the world’s leading technology companies building the future of Web3. Known as the fastest and most reliable crypto trading platform for investors and professional traders everywhere, OKX’s crypto exchange is the second largest globally by trading volume.

OKX’s leading self-custody solutions include the Web3-compatible OKX Wallet, which allows users greater control of their assets while expanding access to DEXs, NFT marketplaces, DeFi, GameFi and thousands of dApps.

OKX partners with a number of the world’s top brands and athletes, including: English Premier League champions Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula 1, the Tribeca Festival, golfer Ian Poulter, Olympian Scotty James, and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

OKX is committed to transparency and security and publishes its Proof of Reserves on a monthly basis.

To learn more about OKX, download our app or visit: okx.com

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