Candela Coin has Partnered with the Awareness Group for Solar Tech Initiatives and a Public Listing

Candela Coin is a cryptocurrency company with a focus on solar energy. Their coin has real world applications and utility in the solar tech space.

PHOENIX, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Candela Coin has partnered with the Awareness Group, LLC to further the solar tech efforts for Candela Coin, as well as a public listing on the OTC: Pink Sheets in Q3 of this year through a merger.

Pablo Diaz has over twenty years of leadership experience in the alternative energy space. He is currently the CEO of The Awareness Group, which has six large solar tech companies and partnerships under their corporate umbrella.

Candela Coin is a cryptocurrency with a focus on integrating blockchain into solar energy systems. Candela Coin will be partnering with the Awareness Group on several programs. Candela Coin will be the national reward token for solar energy producers. Solar panel owners who use the panels and monitoring systems of certain manufacturer’s within their partnership will receive Candela Coins for every kWh of energy they produce. Candela Coin will also be used for PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) programs, and of course buying and selling energy. Candela Coin CEO Avi Verdugo said, “this is great because we now have large corporate partners and it will provide real world utility and use cases for our token. This partnership will launch three programs on the national level:

  • The Candela Coin Solar Energy Production Incentive Program
  • PPA Candela Program
  • Candela Currency program (participants within a microgrid using CLA tokens to buy and sell energy)”

Diaz and The Awareness Group are the ideal partners to take Candela Coin to the next level with the marrying of the value of coin to the alternative energy space. In his extensive career and his certified status as an industry expert, he has braised the path for previous companies by the implementation of new processes and procedures that have now become synonymous to the industry as a whole today. Further, the solidarity of the impressive rolodex of clients, contacts, sales teams, and strategic partners Diaz possesses will open doors to Candela Coin that would otherwise remain closed.

Says Diaz about the partnership and pending merger, “the ability to be one of the first companies to meld the benefits of alternative energy to crypto currency is extremely excited. Integrating blockchain technology into solar infrastructure is the start of something truly innovative. This partnership will lead the way and redefine solar technology. We are confident that with Candela Coin joining The Awareness Group family, they will be given avenues to give their coin more exposure than ever before. Moreover, the ability to offer the coin to all of our clients, sales teams, and business channels will surely accelerate the growth of our other divisions. In every sense of the word, the merger between these organizations is a huge win for all involved.”

Media Contact

Avi Verdugo, Candela Coin, 1 424-256-1784,


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