AmzDoge Financial once again featured on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square

New York, Feb. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Newyork-On 5 February 2023 AmzDoge Financial officially disclosed its ICO plans and once again appeared on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York, USA.

AmzDoge, the Internet fintech brand

AmzDoge Financial is dedicated to providing professional investors with trading brokerage services for global cryptocurrency artificial intelligence financial products. With the advantages of leading financial technology and comprehensive services, AmzDoge Financial enables efficient and extremely fast online account opening, deposit and withdrawal and intelligent trading services.

Jason Christian Sordo, Founder and CEO of AmzDoge: “While we have been recognized by most market investors, we are still builders and tinkerers.I’m often asked why AmzDoge isn’t part of the 2018 ICO wave.Of course, it occurred to us that when we see companies around us in the cryptocurrency space raising tens of millions of dollars, there is no real product other than a whitepaper.However, at that point I felt that an ICO would not really improve the user experience and might even end up being counterproductive to our overall goal. We could see no reason to do an ICO other than to enrich ourselves, so again we listened to our users and passed on the opportunity.But now that AmzDoge has been able to help over 2,000,000 active traders and facilitate $12 billion in transactions on global exchanges, we are now surrounded by a supportive ecosystem and participating in an ICO can inspire us and drive us to keep up with the entire crypto ecosystem.Moving forward, we are excited to continue to provide our clients with the best trading tools available and excitement is building in the cryptocurrency space. Over the past year, we have added several great new strategies. In addition to our advanced ‘Magic Dog’, we will also be upgrading our quantitative strategies across the board and being the first to bring a specific strategy bot to market. We’ve experienced so much growth as a company: we’ve doubled our user base from last year, closed a $50 million Series B round and an $85 million Series C round. Of course our growth plans don’t stop there: in June this year we will go live with our online AMZDOGE quantitative learning community and in November this year we will fully launch our ‘Magic Dog’ ICO pass-through service, leading to a full upgrade of our quantitative strategies in 2024, with an all-currency API interface and full coverage of trading.”

AmzDoge global AI crypto business map takes shape

Since its inception, AmzDoge Financial has been committed to providing new trading brokerage services with artificial intelligence quantitative strategies for individual and institutional clients around the world, deepening its commitment to financial technology and innovation, and expanding its business in the global crypto market.

The official disclosure of the ICO plan is an important new chapter in AmzDoge’s global crypto business layout and a key step in AmzDoge’s journey into the international financial market.

In the future, AmzDoge will continue to strive to become a leading global internet finance brand with financial technology, artificial intelligence and quantitative strategies as its core.

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