Old Bitcoin ($BC) Launches Surging through the Decentralized Markets

$BC, launched on the ERC network to commemorate the Original Bitcoin and as a memecoin with the objective to follow the path of major Meme Projects such as Doge and Shiba.

London, UK, Jan. 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Old Bitcoin ($BC), has been launched on the ERC network to memorialize the original Bitcoin that now suffers in the hands of the elite. The Old Bitcoin ($BC) aims to put things right and reinstate Bitcoin to its deserved glory as a pre-eminent peer-to-peer cash transfer system.

Old Bitcoin ($BC)
Old Bitcoin ($BC)


The foundations of BC DAO have already been laid, although its inauguration is still awaited. BC DAO will soon be launched by the project where holders of $BC will decide on policies and administer their execution.


The token has a total circulating supply of 21 million with the entire stock being utilized for maintaining the liquidity pool. A 2% tax is collected for every transaction. The tax collected is used for improvising the liquidity pool, marketing, and funding new projects.

New Developments that Users can Expect in the Following Years

The community of the platform is about to witness some of the most sublime projects and developments of the project. BC DAO and Shill-to-Earn dApp will soon be launched by the project.

Other than that, a Roadmap following the community and team goals has also been released.

Old Bitcoin Roadmap
Old Bitcoin Roadmap

1st January 2023

The project is already thriving at a supernatural rate. At the time of its launch, it had already gathered a market cap of $4,000,000 and allured 2,300 investors. However, there is still more to attain.

The project has already signed a deal with $BEEP, a top-notch community, and research-driven media in China. It has already been listed on CoinMarketCap and has applied for CoinGecko.

Furthermore, the project has also added more moderators to its team that respond to client queries on Telegram and ensure the efficient operation of all activities. The project keeps its community members updated with any developments via Telegram and Twitter.

About Old Bitcoin ($BC)

Old Bitcoin is a foremost cryptocurrency platform on the ERC Network that is ideal for investors wishing to transfer value without the slightest hint of double-spending.

Furthermore, potential investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in Old Bitcoin can visit the project’s official website or social platforms, to get more details.

Website | Telegram | Twitter


ERC Contract: http://etherscan.io/address/0xe03b2642a5111ad0efc0cbce766498c2dd562ae9

DEXTools: http://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0xc9c9c0c9a70355b0afb47571c37d6f7c5220e36d

CoinMarketCap: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/old-bitcoin-erc/


Old Bitcoin

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