MD Process Launches a New Approach to Blood Sugar Health, GlucoBerry(TM)

Atlanta, Georgia–(Newsfile Corp. – December 22, 2022) – Health formula developer MD Process launches GlucoBerry™, a unique approach to blood sugar health with a proprietary formula based on the Maqui Berry extract.

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MD Process

Maqui berries are grown in Chile and western South America, where they’re harvested in the wild rather than cultivated. Maqui berry extract helps blood sugar through its antioxidant effects, specifically by supporting the kidneys in properly filtering sugar out of the bloodstream. This process helps prevent sugar from reaching the kidneys and then being “sent back” into the bloodstream. Proper flushing of excess sugar allows other blood sugar regulation mechanisms like insulin to perform their functions more effectively.

MD Process™ believes that feeling good is a right and the doctors behind the business believe that everyone deserves to live a good and healthy life.

In their careers as medical doctors, they have experienced first-hand the daily health struggles that many people live with. While over-the-counter supplements can resolve many of these issues, doctors have seen the adverse effects these supplements have had on patients’ health.

GlucoBerry™, among other MD Process™ products, is part of the initiative by medical doctors to exact standards of quality, safety, efficacy, and science-backed research that they believe patients deserve.

About MD Process™

MD Process™ is a health formula developer that believes everyone deserves to feel healthy. Through years of experience, they’ve honed their formula development process down to a fine art. Its rigorous method combines industry-leading knowledge with hours of research, technical expertise, care, and passion. Its premium, targeted solutions are produced in top-of-the-line facilities, and undertake regular strict third-party testing to ensure safety, purity, and potency, and are GMO-free.

Working with trusted suppliers, MD Process™ seeks out the best ingredients in the most bioavailable form possible, combining them to work in synchrony with one another. Every ingredient they use is backed by leading scientific research, in doses proven for maximum efficacy. While other brands’ products are formulated by marketers and include unproven ingredients, the formulation process of MD Process™ requires a minimum of three human-based studies for every ingredient and is developed with a team of experienced medical doctors.

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