Dentons Holds 4th Annual Chinese Enterprises Listing Summit at Columbia University

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – December 28, 2022) – On December 17, 2022, Dentons, in partnership with Worldview Global Impact (WGI) and the Chinese Financial Association of America (CFAA), held the fourth annual Chinese Enterprises Listing Summit at Lerner Hall at Columbia University in New York.

With an underlying theme of openness and cooperation, the event was attended by representatives from New York University, Wall Street investors, financial analysts, fund managers, U.S.-based Chinese residents, students, attorneys, media reps, and the heads of Chinese companies planning on going public. Experts, scholars, and executives from some of the country’s leading securities, legal, and investor relations firms were also in attendance at the event.

The forum focused on current U.S. policies and requirements for listing Chinese companies in the United States. Other high-level bilateral topics of interest were also discussed, such as China’s reopening after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the liberalization of global epidemic control. Other topics such as ESG initiatives, financing for U.S. exchange listings, market value management, geopolitics, and technological innovation were also discussed during the conference.

The forum was chaired by Zhan Rui of Dentons, an established practice that provides domestic and foreign clients with global listing financing solutions, as well as Jasmine Wang, an Adjunct Research Scholar at Columbia University and Chairperson of Worldview Global Impact, a New York-registered non-profit that promotes the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via forums, conferences, impact investing, training, and education.

The forum was divided into three segments. The first was a report release and the second was a series of important keynote addresses. The final segment was a networking event.

In the report release segment, Robin Lewis, formerly Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia discussed their paper entitled “China Concept Stocks and the Opportunities and Challenges of the U.S. Market.” The report was sponsored by Columbia University’s Impact Investment Case Study Project (IICSP) and was co-authored by Dentons and Zhan Rui, a partner of Dentons Law Firm. The report underscored the positive impact of foreign investment, including Chinese investment, on the U.S. economy and employment, as well as advancements in ESG initiatives by Chinese companies and the contribution of Chinese concept stocks to U.S. capital markets. The negative impact of certain U.S. policies in terms of listing and market value of Chinese concept stocks was also discussed.

The first keynote was delivered by Chairperson Jasmine Wang and was titled “Telling China’s ESG Story and Improving Value Management and the International Influence of China’s Stock Market.” In her address, Wang shared the latest research results of Columbia University’s latest research on ESG, emphasizing how China’s stock market companies’ improvements in ESG have helped to enhance corporate value and international influence.

Karen Mu, Senior Vice President of the Investment Banking Department of Network1, an American financial securities company, delivered the second keynote speech, entitled “IPOs and Refinancing of Emerging Market Companies in the United States,” in which she shared important news for Chinese concept stocks regarding the U.S. PCAOB, stating that the agency has obtained authorization for unlimited audit inspections and the lifting of delisting risk for Chinese concept stocks listed in the United States. Mu also talked in detail about the positive impact of this news on Chinese concept stocks, as well as the relevant regulations and practices for listing and financing Chinese concept stocks IPOs. She also recommended that Chinese companies that intend to list and raise funds in the United States do so in 2023.

Zhan Rui, Partner at Dentons Law Firm and Deputy Director of the Capital Market Department of Dentons Shanghai, gave the third keynote address titled “China’s Latest Laws and Regulations on Overseas Listings.” In the talk, Zhan explained China’s promotion of high-level reopening and the reduction of the negative impacts of foreign investment and introduced China’s capital market system and the listing and financing of Chinese companies in 2022. Zhan also talked about the development of relevant laws for capital markets, securities supervision, foreign investment, intellectual property, cross-border data compliance, and U.S. listing structures and regulations. He stated that China has made significant progress in capital markets and passed important laws that would protect the global capital market ecosystem. He also called on institutions and professionals from the finance and investment fields in China and the U.S. to work together to provide Chinese companies with global listing financing channels and international resources.

Lawrence Venick, Partner of the Loeb & Loeb law firm in New York, gave the fourth keynote speech entitled “The Practice of IPOs in the United States,” and Professor Kevin Chen from New York University gave the fifth keynote, “Geopolitics, Innovation, and Capital Markets,” in which he shared his latest research results and academic views. Professor Chen analyzed the impact on the global economy of the listing of Chinese concept stocks in the United States and used expansive data models to demonstrate that continuous innovation is the only way to solve and control the risks in capital markets, while also calling for global cooperation to build a better future for mankind.

Finally, Jackson Lin, Head of Asia-Pacific Markets for Lambert, a well-known American IR company, delivered the final keynote speech in which he discussed important aspects of investor management and market value management for companies listed on the Chinese capital stock markets, leveraging his rich experience in financial media and IR management.

The final segment of the forum was a group discussion session in which entrepreneurs, investors, and media personnel had the opportunity to network.

The forum was led by Dentons Law Firm and Worldview Global Impact and was also co-hosted by China Enterprise News, which provided media support and was jointly organized by Dentons Shanghai Video. Chinese Enterprises has premiered its coverage of the event on the internet on December 20, 2022. Dentons relies on global resources to provide domestic and foreign clients with global listing financing solutions, including A-shares, US stocks, and Hong Kong stocks.

Jasmine Wang is the Co-Chair of Worldview Global Impact (WGI), a New York-registered non-profit that is committed to promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and new visions of sustainability and positive social impact via forums, conferences, impact investing, training, education, art exhibitions, and other innovative initiatives. She actively seeks organizations, institutions, and individuals around the world that are dedicated to promoting sustainability while raising young people’s awareness of the SDGs, forging local youth communities and networks for the SDGs, incubating localized actions and solutions in support of the SDGs, promoting the global scale-up of best practices, and cultivating future leaders in sustainable development.

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