ClubNFT Backup Service Now Available on fxhash Generative Art Platform

 fxhash collectors can download a backup of their NFTs to ensure longevity of collections

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ClubNFT, a company building leading tools to protect the longevity of NFTs, and fxhash, an open platform for creating and collecting generative art NFTs, today announced an integration partnership enabling all fxhash collectors to quickly download a backup of their NFTs. Doing so ensures the protection and long-term safety of fxhash collections, no matter what the future holds.

Founded by Jason Bailey (Artnome) and Chris King in 2021, ClubNFT’s mission is to help protect artists and collectors from marketplace dependency for the safety and preservation of their NFTs, educate anyone interested in the space, and help collectors make good decisions about what to buy next, where, and why. fxhash was founded by generative artist and developer Baptiste Crespy, also known as ciphrd, in November 2021 as an open platform for anyone to create, collect, and curate code-based generative art. It was built on the Tezos blockchain owing to the network’s self-amending upgradeability, inexpensive transaction fees, and minimal environmental footprint.

“At fxhash our top priority is creating the most powerful and widely accessible tools for creating and collecting generative art both online and IRL,” said ciphrd, the founder and lead developer of fxhash. “The ClubNFT backup service integration is a natural one for us as it gives our ecosystem a high degree of redundancy and ultimately protects irreplaceable digital artworks.”

The fxhash website features a ClubNFT button for one-click access to obtain a backup. The service is simple to use, fast, and safe. It’s also free, trustless, and requires no wallet connection or transaction signing.

“The ClubNFT and Right Click Save team are very active in the fxhash community – many of us have been collecting on the platform since its inception,” said Jason Bailey, co-founder and CEO of ClubNFT. “This integration means a lot to us personally, and we are grateful that ciphrd and the fxhash team are partnering with us to educate collectors on how best to backup and protect their NFT collections. This is particularly important in the Tezos community, where the majority of NFTs are based on IPFS.”

Beyond the backup itself, ClubNFT will provide fxhash collectors with a number of insights into their collections:

  • Which NFTs in their collection were minted following best practices – using IPFS for off-chain content – and which were not.
  • Which platforms consistently follow these best practices, such as fxhash, Versum, KnownOrigin, and others – and which do not.
  •  A number of technical insights of interest to conscientious collectors.

ClubNFT launched its backup tool at NFT NYC in June of 2022 and has backed up more than 6K collections, 800K+ NFTs, and nearly 3.5M IPFS files. In less than a year, over 1.2 million unique generative art NFTs have been minted and collected on fxhash, and over 20,000 projects have been created and published on the platform by generative artists.

About ClubNFT

CEO Jason Bailey (AKA Artnome) has been an important thought leader in the NFT space ever since he announced the arrival of the blockchain art market in 2017. He is proud to have been the first collector on SuperRare and to have advised dozens of other NFT marketplaces. Jason believes that, for NFTs to reach their full potential, the industry needs to go beyond marketplaces and start building the infrastructure and tools of the future. This belief drove Jason to recruit co-founder/CTO Chris King from Google and CFO & COO Danielle King, the former Manager of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA, to launch ClubNFT. ClubNFT’s mission is to build the next generation of NFT solutions to help collectors discover, protect, and share digital assets. For more information:

About fxhash

At fxhash, we build tools that allow artists and collectors to live out their passion for generative art. Our platform facilitates an easy and safe space for artists, collectors, and curators to create generative art projects, buy, sell, and collect art — and share their collections with the world.

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