CFUND launches new market maker advantage program

CFUND complies with the relevant AML regulations of various countries and continuously upgrades service standards to ensure that its user assets are always safe.

London, UK , Aug. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cryptocurrencies had an incredibly tumultuous start to the year, with the price of bitcoin plunging since April, crypto protocols collapsing and regulatory policies in various countries changing. Throughout the first half of 2022, weakness in traditional markets has permeated the cryptocurrency space. The CFUND Asset Analysis management team expects this dark cloud to continue to hang over the cryptocurrency market in the third and fourth quarters.

Although the entire cryptocurrency market continues to be depressed, there are many projects that are trying to change market conditions, provide liquidity and restore trust in the trading market. Helping investors get on the road to recovery and into the next bull market. These include CFUND, a professional-grade platform integrating investor education, liquidity provision and crypto asset management.

In this cruel baptism of the market, CFUND, with its professional asset management ability, made use of the integration advantages between algorithms and robot trading, and under the risk control framework, continued to expand the scale of Market maker funds. In 2022, compared with the same period in 2021, it realized a profit increase of several times. According to this development, it is expected that CFUND will experience geometric growth in transaction scale and profit growth in 2023.

Providing liquidity Advantages of participating in market makers:

  • Regulated working Capital——CFUND strictly complies with laws and regulations, and user assets are managed in a professional third party platform after KYC approval.
  • Robust anti-Money Laundering Policies——CFUND’s risk-based approach assesses and manages a company’s money laundering and terrorist financing risks. Perform customer due diligence, identification and verification procedures to protect our own and your business reputation.
  • Secure Data and Protection——CFUND maintains a high level of IT security checking and data protection processes, access procedures and data encryption to protect your data privacy.
  • Mandatory audit process——The assets of CFUND users to provide liquidity market makers are regulated by professional audit departments and are safe and transparent to query.

CFUND complies with the relevant AML regulations of various countries and continuously upgrades service standards to ensure that its user assets are always safe.

CFUND next work plan:

  • September 2022: CFUND will release more subscription quotas for crypto Market maker
  • 2023: Deploy NFT + Metaverse related industries and issue deflationary token CFT
  • 2024: Improve the industrial layout
  • 2025: Seek capital investment, improve financial system, Seeking to Going Public

At present, CFUND has officially opened a small amount of subscription to investors, which is highly praised by users. In the later stage, CFUND will open more subscription quotas and issue platform tokens, and use platform profits to repurchase this token. This move, can bring investors more income than other transactions.

We will continue to be user-centric and create more value and benefits for CFUND users under the policy of security and compliance.

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Country: England

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