Dragonchain Aims To Enable Users To Buy Decentralized Assets With Traditional Currency

Dragonchain’s goal is to enable users to buy decentralized assets with Fiat currency. It will also provide users with opportunities to spend their DeFi passive crypto earnings by introducing the company’s DeFi Debit Card!

Ontario, Canada, Jan. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Dragonchain team believes that DeFi platforms must compete with banks, exchanges, and traditional financial services that people rely on daily. The goal for Dragonchain and its crypto products is to enable users to buy decentralized assets with their Fiat currency. However, having cryptocurrency does not serve any purpose if people can’t buy things they want with it. That’s why the company will give users the chance to spend their DeFi passive crypto earnings via the DeFi Debit Card!

The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) innovation has come at a cost. Many DeFi products are becoming increasingly sophisticated, posing a barrier to more widespread acceptance and jeopardizing the sector’s future growth. But despite increasing interest from brands and banks in DeFi, it remains a niche market.

Dragonchain is being billed as an AMM DEX platform hosted on multiple chains where different assets can be bridged. The company recently launched their native token called $DRAC in collaboration with Singular.farm via an IDO and raised capital, out of which 80% has been added to their liquidity the remaining 20% raised is being put into marketing the DEX to increase exposure.

Readers can find out more about Dragonchain by visiting the company’s official website at Whitepaper.Dragonchain.Finance

“My goal is to have Dragonchain provide a safe and stable form of passive income to anyone with an internet connection” – Kyle Chisamore

Development with Dragonchain is moving fast, only 15 days after the IDO, the development team has already released a passive income tool called “Dragon Pools.” The pools allow users to stake $DRAC to earn third-party assets created by developers looking to gain exposure for their projects by providing free tokens to users across the globe.

The yield optimization for Dragonchain assets has been released over the last week. Users are advised to keep their $DRAC ready for lucrative APR returns. A realistic expectation would be upwards of 250% Average Percentage Returns on the pools.

The company has stated the high yield pools and crypto debit cards are just a fraction of what is expected. The company is also working on:
• Burned / Rug Free Liquidity
• A play to earn gamified MMORPG metaverse
• NFT Marketplace
• Network Bridges
And much more!

Connect with Dragonchain via their social media pages at:
Dragonchain Telegram
Dragonchain Facebook
Dragonchain Twitter

About The Company:

Dragonchain helps its users amplify their crypto experience by leveraging the power of smart contracts and yield optimizers that power an easy-to-use platform that generates passive income in a decentralized environment. The company’s team helps developers fork any asset they wish while providing strong security for their investors by deploying scam-free measures in places, such as liquidity burns, infinite time locks, and fair launches.

Website: http://whitepaper.dragonchain.finance/

CONTACT: Name: Kyle Chisamore
Email: InvestiShare@outlook.com
Organization: Dragonchain.Finance
Address: 67 Perth Street, Brockville, Ontario, Canada

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