TriumphX: A One-Stop Service for Digitalizing and Trading All Content as NFTs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – December 21, 2021) – Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have caught widespread attention around the globe, making its market grow exponentially in recent years. As digital assets that contain unique identification information recorded in smart contracts, NFTs refer to tokenization of scarce goods on the blockchain with different values per token, unlike general digital assets that basically have no difference from one another.

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Figure 1: TriumphX: A One-Stop Service for Digitalizing and Trading All Content as NFTs

While the NFT market is thriving, there are still lots of problems existing in it, and TriumphX project is here to provide solutions. Unlike most of the marketplaces that are independent and closed, the integrated cross-chain marketplace of TriumphX allows all blockchain-based NFTs in the world to be traded in one place, so that the market can be efficient and convenient. It also allows market participants to interact directly with the automated market maker to have high availability for liquidity to ensure that trading can be conducted with high liquidity. In addition, the need to pay high trading fee and commission to the intermediary is eliminated, and fees can be kept to a minimum through the TriumphX’s smart contracts.

TriumphX has collaborated with lots of content creators and publishers, and established strong partnerships with many advanced blockchain companies since its launch. It recently announced its partnership with The Sandbox platform to expand its business from the NFT platform to the metaverse, and also listed its native token TRIX on LBank Exchange the other day to further expand its global reach.

Two NFT Platforms: ENFTEE and Sole-X

Stepping into the burgeoning NFT market, TriumphX operates two NFT platforms: and ENFTEE platform, which is developed based on Klaytn, provides a one-stop service for NFTs, from the discovery of creators, content development, to the NFT publishing, marketing, consulting, and sales, so that all content in the world can be transformed into digital assets. TriumphX is currently preparing sports category for the next series on ENFTEE platform, these sports NFT cards will not only contain famous scenes and profile photos of popular players but will also show the map metadata containing the players’ game records. ENFTEE contributes to expanding the diversity of NFTs, including digital art, exhibition video, webtoon, character, sports, entertainment and many more.

In addition, in preparation for the rapid growing NFT market on multiple blockchains at the same time, TriumphX also provides a cross-chain decentralized NFT marketplace named Sole-X, which is developed on Klaytn and uses a protocol based on Orbit Chain, so that NFTs based on chains other than Klaytn can be freely traded on it. Sole-X aims to integrate the market through continuous chain expansion and to support an optimal environment where users with low understanding of blockchain can easily access and transact with various NFTs between multiple chains.

From the standpoint of publishers, ENFTEE can promote projects more efficiently, and through Sole-X, NFT can increase the value and obtain viral effects. The two platforms supplement each other perfectly so that TriumphX can provide a one-stop service for digitalizing and trading all content as NFTs.

TRIX: The Utility Token

TRIX is the utility token of TriumphX project, it works as a currency for P2P transaction on the decentralized exchange, and can be used to pay for transaction fees. It can also be staked by game companies to enter into the TriumphX ecosystem for a share of profits made from transactions occurring on TriumphX marketplace. As for governance, it has the power of signaling and voting for changes to the TriumphX blockchain.

All Sole-X users can stake TRIX tokens already deposited in Sole-X, these actions are utilized for the operation of the blockchain network, and users are rewarded in return. A 5% transaction fee is incurred per transaction for all that occurred on the Sole-X marketplace, and all such fees are accumulated in real time.

Besides obtaining TRIX token on official platform, investors who are interested in TriumphX investment can also trade it on digital asset exchanges that have already listed TRIX, such as LBank Exchange, where TRIX token is currently available for trading (tap to trade). And to celebrate the listing, LBank Exchange also launched a TRIX Hold & Earn campaign, which will end at 00:00 on Dec 25, 2021 (UTC+8), 20 users with holding amount of no less than $300 TRIX will be randomly selected to share a reward pool of 1,350,000 TRIX, each will receive 67,500 TRIX.

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