Synapse Network to Work Alongside Nakamoto Games to Enter the Metaverse

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – December 21, 2021) – The gaming sector has become increasingly involved with the metaverse, and for good reason. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to enjoy all sorts of games while simultaneously earning an income. One such company is that of Nakamoto Games, which has been working within the gaming industry for some time and they recently also became involved with NFTs and the metaverse.

In a collaborative effort to help revolutionize the already booming NFT and DeFi sector, Nakamoto Games will be working with Synapse Network. The long standing cooperation between the two has managed to benefit both parties immensely, and the most recent efforts are focused towards the metaverse as well as the organization of a one-of-a-kind NFT sales campaign.

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Figure 1: Synapse Network To Work Alongside Nakamoto Games To Enter The Metaverse

With that being said, the ‘Nakaverse‘ is being developed by Nakamoto Games. Essentially, this is Nakamoto Games’ version of the metaverse and with all the attention being given to the metaverse these days, it only makes sense for Synapse Network to also become involved. As such, Synapse Network has announced that the launchpad shall be organizing a ‘land’ sales campaign for the very first time. As a matter of fact, this is the inaugural campaign of this type, and it is largely based around the selling of lands to the Nakaverse. Other metaverse-based projects which are similarly involved with selling digital land include the likes of the highly popular Decentraland (MANA), so it’s safe to say that Nakamoto Games knows what it’s doing.

What is Synapse Network?

Synapse Network wants to popularise the concept of a properly regulated financial institution supported by DeFi products. It consists of a group of professionals with more than 20 years of hands-on expertise in business, banking, technology, start-ups, and blockchain solutions. It therefore divides its product offering into two primary categories, namely retail and institutional.

The purpose of the retail stream is to allow retail investors from various traditional financial markets to put their fiat money into DeFi products to earn greater returns as compared to what traditional banks give. On the other hand, the institutional stream will allow traditional market enterprises to use cryptocurrencies as a solid investment vehicle as well as a transactional asset in their regular operations. It shall additionally provide novel crypto-friendly solutions to help enterprises dealing with this issue be able to quickly swap crypto for fiat.

Additionally, Synapse Network provides a solution based on cross-chain capabilities. Cross-chain functionality is essential as it allows for improved scalability as well as interoperability by enabling various blockchains to interact with one another. Furthermore, a top-of-the-line antibot solution has been provided thanks to Synapse Network, along with different staking solutions, applications based around Web 3.0, vesting capabilities, and even a VC (Venture Capital) fund to be used for those startups which may have potential for the long-term.

What is Nakamoto Games?

Nakamoto Games provides players all over the world with the option to engage in a plethora of blockchain-based games while earning a steady and large revenue. One of the main reasons as to why the metaverse is becoming so popular has to do with the many P2E (Play To Earn) projects that are involved with it. P2E allows anybody with a stable Internet connection to potentially earn money via cryptocurrencies on a long-term basis all while enjoying different games.

Nakamoto Games is therefore constructing a state-of-the-art P2E ecosystem in which players can earn money in a virtually infinite number of blockchain-based games. Moreover, creators may also distribute the games to a relatively larger user base. As a result, Synapse Network sees a lot of promise in the blockchain-oriented gaming sector and community and aims to link numerous more projects to the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. If the current trend with gaming and the metaverse continues, then this could end up being a worthwhile investment indeed.

What does the sale mean?

Through the sale, Synapse Network will be able to mark the start of its implementation of projects that are based on NFTs and the increasingly popular metaverse. In conjunction with Nakamoto Games, Synapse Network will provide the Nakaverse with 50 ‘lands’. To acquire a land, the user must first stack 1,000 SNP tokens, then transfer $ 5,000 to the Synapse Network platform (land value), and finally compete on Gleam through this link.

As such, the team shall then choose 50 individuals who match these criteria from among all those who meet the requirements and will be allowed to acquire lands for Nakaverse. The remaining competitors who paid $5,000 toward the purchase of the state but were not chosen in the competition shall eventually receive their funds back.

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