OTC: DRCR, Swifty Global (Dear Cashmere Holding Company) Announces the Award of Its First Gambling License

NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Dear Cashmere Holding Company (OTC: DRCR), known as Swifty Global, is a technology company focused on creating ground-breaking solutions in the Financial and Sports Betting Sectors. The company has developed two disruptive mobile applications (apps) for sports predictions and a digital wallet which encompasses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Transactions. Patent applications have already been submitted and the mobile apps will be launched imminently following the Public Beta testing.

The company announced today that it has been awarded its first gambling license, which allows the company to launch its disruptive sports betting product to most of the world markets. Swifty has been awarded its Curacao licence, which covers access to almost 80% of the world markets for gambling, the largest coverage for any single license. 

Following the award of the Curacao license, the company can now integrate its payment gateway and begin placement of the application on the Apple Store and Google Play stores for direct download to iOS and Android devices.

Although the Curacao license does not cover markets such as the US and UK, it is very significant for Swifty’s initial roll out strategy as it covers some of the largest gambling markets in the world like Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Mexico & Colombia. The license opens the Swifty opportunity to approximately 340 million people. 

Swifty owns a database of almost 5 million relevant contacts, which are third party opt in gambling contacts and the Swifty marketing team will be launching a campaign to this database of contacts whilst also rolling out other direct marketing strategies to engage the large market of potential customers. The company will now also begin engaging in sports sponsorship opportunities in order to create viral marketing awareness while simultaneously rolling out an aggressive online and affiliate marketing strategy in the target markets, which will lead into television and other forms of mainstream marketing, due to begin during the First and Second Quarter of 2022. 

Swifty’s recently announced beta testing program is going very well with more than 200 testers using the application, yielding very positive results so far for Swifty. No major technical problems have been experienced and some excellent suggestions have been made by the users, which are being added to future software development upgrades. Now that the first license has been granted, Swifty’s in-house technical team can complete the integration of the production ready services like the odds provider, Know Your Customer (KYC) provider, the payment gateway, Swifty wallet and then the loading of the application onto the App Stores to be downloaded.

Swifty is also very close to obtaining its UK Gambling license which it has been consistently following up on. So far, the company has experienced little resistance from the authorities and is hopeful that it will be granted its UK Gambling license soon, thus providing Swifty access to one of the largest gambling markets in the world. Simultaneously, the company has a team working on the USA licenses and will announce more information on these licenses soon. In what could well be a breakthrough move, Swifty is exploring the option to partner with a Pan American operator to utilise their license for a rapid roll out across most of the US. 

Swifty is also in the process of acquiring its required licenses to integrate card services into its Swifty wallet, allowing users to have easy on and off ramps between Crypto Currencies and the Swifty Predictions App.  

Swifty Global CEO James Gibbons commented: “We are ecstatic to finally have our first Gambling license, following months of the team working day and night to obtain it. We can now implement our roll out plan and start to generate proper revenues. I am really pleased with the way that the Beta testing is going so far and based on the results and analytics from this testing process, the company is set for significant growth and the posting of very attractive results in 2022.”

With the company progressing so quickly and now releasing news more often, you are invited to follow Swifty Global on Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn. 

For further information on the company’s latest news please see their communication channels:

Swifty Group Website: http://www.swifty.global
Swifty Predictions Website: http://www.swiftypredictions.com
Twitter: @swiftyglobal
Telegram : @swiftyglobal
LinkedIn : @swifty-global
Email: hello@swifty.global

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