New Cryptocurrency Titanape Coin Has the Potential to Become the Next Trending Cryptocurrency Overtaking the Inu

TitanApe with its $TAC is a new Cryptocurrency with 100X Potential. It could be the next trending cryptocurrency overcoming the Inu, providing Passive income to all its holders in the stable BUSD currency.

London, United Kingdom, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TitanApe Coin has been set on the path to becoming the next Crypto craze beating all the Inu. Ti-tanApe’s development team has shown they are a fair Coin by not having a pre-sale event and limiting how much each person can buy to only 0.2% of the total supply. It will be halved when the Market cap increases. It creates an anti-Whale system that provides a fair distribution of tokens for all holders. TitanApe has also locked 100% of their liquidity pool, and 3% of the total supply (team wallet) has been permanently locked, making it more secure than any other coin out there.

TitanApe coin provides an 8% return in Binance Pegged BUSD for each transaction, automatically be transferred to the wallet every 60 minutes. It is twice as rewarding as their nearest competitor, and everyone has a far greater share. By offering a reflection on BUSD, TitanApe coin will provide users with certainty and ease in exchanging their rewards. BUSD is a stable coin that is very popular and easy to trade for various other cryptocurrencies.

On launch, 50% of the total supply was burned. More Tokens will be burnt through the Buy-Back Mechanism, which will keep increasing in the future. Hyper deflationary is a protocol that allows the supply of tokens to be drastically reduced, which will increase their rarity and price. It is a protocol introduced by the Defi protocol and has been widely adopted by cryptocurrencies globally. Cryptocurrency prices can become more stable and increase in the future with this deflationary protocol. The protocol allows the supply of tokens to decrease with transactions.

Strategic buyback means 1% is collected from every transaction and converted to BNB, stored in the contract. This wallet is known as BuyBack Wallet. When the wallet is enabled, it purchases Ti-tanApeCoin from exchanges. Also, it will remove the purchased tokens permanently from the circulating supply while simultaneously making green candles. Buy-Back Mechanism will keep increasing in the future.

TitanApe coin’s Smart contract deposits 2% from every buy/sell transaction as TitanApe and $BNB into a liquidity pool. Pancakeswap fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through the liquidity Pools. A liquidity pool always contains a pair of tokens; instead of maintaining an order book like traditional exchanges, every Buy/Sell trade matches liquidity in the liquidity Pool. A bigger liquidity pool will provide more stability to the $TAC price.

Early 2022 TitanApe will be releasing an exclusive TitanApe themed NFT collection. A large portion of initial proceeds will go back into marketing and building our next project. Following our NFT drop, TitanApe will begin constructing an NFT marketplace for creating, buying, and selling NFT artwork.

TitanApe will launch some play-to-earn games on Apple IOs and Android devices, the games will give rewards in TitanApe coin, and players will be able to connect their wallets and claim the coins.

Join the growing TitanApe community and avail of their exclusive services.


CONTACT: Name: J Laite
Organization: TitanApe

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