E-Commerce Brands To Ramp-Up Investment In Crypto-Style Community Marketing Through 2022

With the ever-increasing mainstream take up of Telegram and Discord, E-Commerce brands will be looking at 2-way communication in the sales process – not just at support levels

Glasgow, Dec. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boyd Digital is a modern digital marketing company with a focus on future changes in the digital social ecosystem and have started to see an increase in interest for ecommerce clients in community as a stand-alone marketing channel. With over 12 years in the industry and a client collection of household brands and an interest in cryptocurrency marketing Boyd Digital are prime positioned to move ecommerce companies in the community space.

E-Commerce brands will look to engage their customers through a more community-based marketing approach.

This has come as a result of the wider adoption of secure platforms such as Telegram and Discord that do not allow for the 3rd party tracking of consumer data.

With less accessibility to 3rd party data and Email information, many E-Commerce brands will seek to market to customers using a community-based approach that has worked well for cryptocurrency.

This community marketing approach targets specific groups and actively engages them. Members of a tight-knit and interconnected community can help amplify and spread a marketing message.

Crypto marketing firm TolkenMinds has said that “The future of any blockchain is dependent on the promise of a supportive community”.

This can be applied to E-Commerce brands as well, and with an increasing sparsity of available consumer data, engaging with targeted communities is likely the most promising route forward.

Cryptocurrency has shown that marketing to an entire community who are likely to show interest in a specific product or service can prove to be highly effective.

E-Commerce platforms will now look to marketing teams and agencies that understand this approach in order to compete with less assistance from consumer data.

Colin Boyd, International marketing agency owner has said “2-way brand communication is now vital for growth in an increasingly competitive environment. With the cost of paid ads increasing and conversion rates dropping, brands should be looking to actively communicate with their audience.”

Boyd adds “The days of the ‘noreply@’ email addresses are over; Telegram and Discord are the untapped marketing channels that will offer better and faster communication and sales than email”.

While there is still broad application for consumer data and email campaigns for years to come, platforms such as Telegram will continue to grow.

As it stands, those in both the E-Commerce and marketing space who adapt, investing in a crypto-style community marketing approach in 2022, are set to benefit as consumer data becomes increasingly less available.

About Boyd Digital:

Boyd Digital is a Glasgow-based digital marketing and SEO agency with international clientele. They seek to remain on top of developments in the marketing sector, offering effective campaigns for clients that factor in changing consumer behaviour, such as the growth of secure platforms which offers less consumer data to work with.

Colin Boyd http://www.twitter.com/iamthelongtail

Boyd Digital http://boyddigital.co.uk


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