Cuplr Launches CPLR Token on Binance Smart Chain, to Be Listed at PancakeSwap on 10th December

Tampa, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – December 2, 2021) – Cuplr announced the launch of a digital trading platform that features a BEP-20 token (CPLR) on the Binance Smart Chain. There’s a new competitor working its way into the smart contract platform space. This time, in an interesting twist, the token was created for use in a first-of-its-kind social media metaverse.

The CLPR token private website sales end on December 5th. Public trading via PancakeSwap will begin on December 10th.

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Figure 1: Cuplr Launches CPLR Token on Binance Smart Chain, To Be Listed At PancakeSwap on 10th December

New Matching Algorithm

Last month, Cuplr App founders announced a new matching algorithm created to help couples build a thriving social life. The app will allow users to make in-app purchases revolving around CPLR, a blockchain-enabled fungible crypto token that users can buy and trade within the app.

Fifty vendors have signed on to accept CPLR as tender for in-app purchases.

Advantages of the CPLR Token

The current key advantage of the CPLR token is the availability before the app launches in 2022. CPLR represents a form of equity interest in Cuplr App. As Cuplr appreciates value, so will the token, growing in buying power along with the market capitalization of the company. Market research suggests the CPLR token can be at 0.004 cents (us) in five years and an estimated 100 million Cuplr visitors per year.

Cuplr App Ecosystem

CPLR was generated to be used inside of the Cuplr app ecosystem, while also having the strength, volume, and liquidity to be traded, or converted to cash at any time. If all goes according to Cuplr’s plans, the app’s launch in the first quarter of 2022 will mark the beginning of a process to evolve into a full-fledged smart contract platform with an impressive library of protocols that developers can use to build their decentralized apps.

Cuplr will be maintaining and locking fifty percent of its tokens as operational coins to ensure the site has the proper tokens to function efficiently. Twenty-five percent will be reserved for exchange release and whitelist. The remaining twenty-five percent are being released immediately to investors’ wallets during ICO and pre-ICO phases. For more information or to view Cuplr’s white pages, visit

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