Crypto-ETF Project, Plethori, Launches New Site and Staking Platform amid ETF Frenzy

LONDON, United Kingdom, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Funds (Crypto-ETF) Platform Plethori just released their new website and staking platform. As crypto-ETFs are kicking up a global storm, no other projects are in a finer position than Plethori.

These and future developments (below) will help Plethori scoop up the value of the ETF-frenzy. Now users also can benefit from the craze by earning a whopping 40% APY when they choose to stake in Plethori’s promising tech.

The Plethori Ecosystem

Plethori is a cryptocurrency ETF protocol that allows users to track and trade crypto-ETFs. With the release of the V2 platform, users will also have the added ability of creating their own ETFs. Creators will earn a percentage of transaction fees whenever their ETFs are traded. This proposition, unique in the market, will attract and reward the very best creators. For everyone else, transaction fees are kept low by the inherent nature of ETFs, which require just one transaction to invest in multiple assets.

This achieves an equilibrium, balancing the shared value across creators, traders, and the platform itself. The result? A platform designed to grow alongside its userbase of ETF managers and traders. All of this is possible thanks to Plethori’s groundbreaking technology.

The Underlying Technology

For maximum growth, such an ambitious project must be stable, rapid, unique, versatile and novel. Here’s how that’s achieved:

Stability – Taking inspiration from the basket-like nature of ETFs themselves, Plethori has invested itself upon a “basket” of blockchains (namely Ethereum, Avalanche and Polkadot) making it a highly stable and infinitely scalable cross-chain ecosystem.

Rapidity – By utilising the world’s fastest blockchain, Avalanche, as well as advanced Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, Plethori ensures maximum speed with minimum gas for its users.

Uniqueness – Plethori allows users to invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies, underlying technologies, sectors, niche markets, or whatever they think is going to grow in the future — there’s an ETF for that. And if there’s not, at Plethori users can make one.

Versatility – Leveraging the rapidity of Avalanche, the interoperability of Polkadot, and the ubiquity of Ethereum, Plethori is highly adaptive and primed to upgrade itself as new technologies emerge.

Novelty – ETF creators can compete against one another via Plethori’s gamified leaderboard, where unique Chimera NFTs will reward users for achieving milestones within the platform.
All of Plethori’s proprietary software is open source and aligned with the core values of DeFi.

The Year of the Crypto-ETF

Heading into 2022, which is being hailed as “the year of the crypto-ETF”, Plethori’s staking platform with 40% APY offers early-adopters a reliable method of earning passive income throughout 2022 while the Plethori ecosystem continues to evolve.

As is standard at Plethori, all smart contracts are fully audited by Hacken. There is no locking period. And for the first week, Plethori will be charging users zero fees for staking their PLE. So, if you’re convinced of Plethori’s potential, there is no better time to stake PLE than now.

Upcoming Developments

Scheduled for later this month is the launch of Plethori’s ETH <> AVAX bridge. PLE holders will be able to move between the two blockchains seamlessly, without ever leaving Plethori’s website. This development will provide users with all of the advantages the two DeFi power hubs have to offer. The bridge launch will be complemented by a new listing on Avalanche’s most popular DEX – Trader Joe.

Make sure not to miss out on further developments, including Plethori’s game-changing ETFX (ETF Exchange), join the telegram community and mailing list.

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