BUSDX Launches the xPad and Forms Partnerships with Multiple Projects

Detroit, Michigan–(Newsfile Corp. – December 16, 2021) – BUSDX, the Fintech startup, has formed exciting partnerships with multiple projects.

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The latest and most exciting announcement is the release of their xPad, a newly developed launch pad, which has already seen interest from cryptocurrencydefi projects wanting to launch on their platform.

BUSDX has put in strict countermeasures. It will require every IDO contract to be audited and KYC registered. BUSDX has partnered with InterFi Network, Spywolf and Rug Busters.

About xPad

The xPad is an IDO Launchpad focused on quality projects that have high potential. The presale token must conform to xPad’s strict requirements, set by its partners, to be accepted and listed.

Unlike other IDO Launchpads, xPad doesn’t require an initial share of the project’s tokens, which is an added selling point for new projects. The IDO process itself is limited to $BUSDX holders. To participate, you are required to stake tokens on a tiered system.

Tiers are based on how much $BUSDX is held. Holders in higher tiers allows for a higher maximum contribution to the project. There are a total of four tiers, which caters for participants with varying levels of liquidity.

xPad Platform Goal

While the xPad platform’s goal is to work with many projects, a thorough auditing process still applies. Several new partnerships were formed to ensure potential projects are properly vetted and authenticated before being accepted. In fact, projects must be certified by BUSDX partners before acceptance is granted.

This vetting process ensures BUSDX users and contributors remain safe and are exposed to minimal risk from scams and rug pulls when contributing to a crypto currency presale.

BUSDX Staking Concept

BUSDX will not require BUSDX to be staked for an extended amount of time, to allow the holder to enter the IDO presale.

BUSDX allows users to generate revenue by their unique system, which is created by the smart contract. 10% of every buy & sell transaction is redistributed to its holders and paid directly in BUSD which is tied to the dollar. 1 BUSD is worth $1 regardless of the volatility of the markets. Staked BUSDX will also receive a predefined APY depending on the tier.

BUSDX also has partnered with walletnow, an innovative platform, which gives users a window into their wallet without connection. This allows BUSDX users to see their status about their current pending balance and reflections.

A joint future with Futura Finance

Futura Finance is a robust platform that is developing a number of different services and features. As a result of partnering with BUSDX, a current feature of this reflection token has involved offering rewards directly in BUSDX.

Futura Finance is in the final stages of creating its escrow service that will use smart contracts to ensure a buyer is happy with the services provided by a vendor and provide a mediation service when disputes arise.

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