Aimedis and Metabook HealthTrust is Upgrading Mental and Physical Health

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – December 21, 2021) – Aimedis and Metabook HealthTrust is working to upgrade mental and physical health. There is truly a historic launch in tech innovations events: Lifetime Award for innovators, in the form of NFT, sharing revenue with top 100 innovators in the health area. Metabook HealthTrust has the most advantageous offer, and Aimedis can responsibly offer an increase in the reach of your personal branding as a result of cooperation.

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Bruce Jeong, Metaverse expert, Smart City Keynote

The Metabook HealthTrust is uniting 5 organizations: Telewellness, LifetimeAward, XRDoctor, Aimedis, and Metabook. The mission of Metabook HealthTrust Sharing Economy is Wellness democratization: to make VR and other innovational therapies available to hundreds of millions of people, upgrading their mental/physical health.

Aimedis is selecting the most reputable Metaverse-related companies, to distribute their innovations. As a result, a distribution and promo network of influencers with high reputation will make this decentralized job done, globally!

Validating and sharing scientific and medical knowledge

Health is the most valuable asset of any person. Everyone would like to extend their active, and most importantly, healthy life span. With these crazy pandemic times lingering, billions are looking for cost-effective solutions to stay safe for those that will be at the forefront of these innovations.

The scientific basis for the well-being of partners HealthTrust is formation of the neural pathways that will determine success in terms of health and social connections. The founders pledged to validate and share knowledge free of charge to those who qualify for sharing that: early adopters and students.

Metabook and Aimedis create HealthTrust Platform to stay safe

In Web3 economy Micro-influencers could be the main governance mechanism, since they have more trust than any other group! According to Social Bakers, micro-influencers “boast up to a 60% increased engagement rate compared to macro-influencers.” Metabook is creating the first blockchain mechanism of counting real reputation of influencers, and sharing revenues from digital innovations mass adoption on Metabook HealthTrust platform.

Creating an international health-wealth blockchain platform

The Metabook HealthTrust mission practically means that we create an international Health-Wealth blockchain platform, for decentralized distribution of innovative technologies in the health and Metaverse area. For pandemic prevention, international health data exchange is crucial, and NFT is instrumental in this connection, as a legal P2P way of instant and secure data exchange. The backbone platform is created by our experienced partner-company Aimedis: The healthcare experts use state-of-the-art blockchain and AI-based technology to offer a various number of ehealthcare services, including a NFT platform to simplify and standardize the structuring, protection and monetization of scientific and medical data. Aimedis is known for setting new standards as it is actually launching Alpha Hospital, the first hospital in the Metaverse and Aimedis Health City, the first healthcare metaverse.

People are in need of cost-effective health technologies

In the pandemic-driven situation that is linked with mental health, billions of people are in need of cost-effective health technologies. The pandemic has opened a unique window for strategic imagination, settings to create new economic models. Rating of COVID solutions in the Lifetime Award program is the basis of this revenue sharing model with influencers/ experts.

● Candidate to the position of Chair, to be voted January 21, in last day of WEF: Brett King

● Bruce Jeong is Chief Officer of the pilot project with one of the leading Metaverse-related. Bruce is Secretary General of China-Korea Trading Association. His credentials:

– The Deputy CEO of The EULOGIA Foundation
– The global partner of the Switzerland Lawfirm in terms of the blockchain
– The Expert on the SMART CITY

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