Verlux, a Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Generates Major Buzz Reaching 30% of Seed Sale Within Hours

Walsall, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – November 19, 2021) – Verlux, a decentralized Cross-Chain NFT platform built on the Cardano blockchain, is proud to announce its token sale. The platform offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts an efficient and seamless way to swap non-fungible tokens they currently have on other blockchain networks to the Cardano network. They are guaranteed efficient and fast swapping.

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Figure 1: Verlux, A Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Generates Major Buzz Reaching 30% Of Seed Sale Within Hours

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Verlux, like Rarible, OpenSea, and other NFT marketplaces, offers its users opportunities to mint, sell, and buy their favourite NFT through its platform.

Verlux Features

There’s a distinction between Verlux and other NFT platforms, though. Verlux intends to build a cross-chain swap protocol where users can easily swap their NFTs on existing blockchain networks to the Cardano blockchain. They can thus look forward to fast transactions, low transaction costs, security, and other benefits.

According to the Verlux team, the platform was created to allow sellers and buyers to trade NFTs on its platform without incurring huge transaction fees while enjoying the security it offers.

The marketplace is designed to disrupt the existing NFT system by integrating a staking platform for farming special and exclusive NFTs. Thanks to the novel protocol, Verlux stands out from its competitors by setting the pace with this unique offer on the Cardano network.

The team created a secure environment for NFTs transactions, allowing users to buy and sell their favorite NFTs. The transactions are powered by fully-functional smart contracts that allow seamless transactions. This assures sellers and buyers the security of their funds and digital assets.

When the Verlux platform is fully launched and operational, the team assures smooth interactions between potential sellers and buyers.

The Verlux team is creating a decentralized digital goods ecosystem, powered by Verlux’s native token, the $VLX.

$VLX Utility

$VLX is the utility token of Verlux, having a supply cap of 1 billion tokens. $VLX token will be used to power transactions in the Verlux ecosystem.

In the Verlux marketplace, $VLX will have various use cases as will be used to facilitate NFT transactions, staked to participate in NFT farming and serve as a community governance system where users can vote on platform developments that should be implemented.

How To Join $VLX Token Sale

Initial investors who wish to acquire some $VLX tokens at the seed sale can visit the $VLX token sale page.

During the Seed Sale, the allotted 250 million $VLX tokens will be in supply at the rate of 0.0018 ADA per token with a minimum purchase of 200 ADA and maximum buy of 15,000 ADA.

Guide On How To Join The Seed Sale for early birds.

Holding the $VLX Tokens

$VLX holders are offered governance rights. They can contribute to decisions on Verlux with the power to vote, propose, and decide on important issues related to the token such as the functionality of the Verlux Ecosystem and proposed improvements on it.

$VLX tokens will be the payment coin for advertisement slots and featured listing.

Verlux Future Plans

Verlux’s primary objective is to become the world’s best NFT marketplace to power the NFT ecosystem. Its mission is to find a permanent solution to the limitations and challenges of the conventional NFT ecosystem by bringing in the required solutions and innovations. Its contributions to the ecosystem will improve its scalability as it intends to explore the limitless potentials of the NFT.

The team intends to provide a wide range of services that will place it on top of the crypto space and become a go-to NFT marketplace for NFT Farming, Cross-Chain Swap, and other global NFT enthusiasts.

The Verlux team is pleased with its progress so far as the project is gaining the needed traction on social media pages. Potential investors are also trooping in, showing the trust and great support that the team and its project have received from the NFT and crypto communities.

The team is counting on its constant innovation to deliver the best services to its community.

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