The GreenGold Project Proposes To Redirect Trillions Of Dollars From The Crypto Industry Into Sustainable Investments That Eliminate World Hunger

Tallinn, Estonia, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireGreenGold Project is a revolutionary new blockchain technology project that allows you to have the best of both worlds; Investment in cryptocurrencies and green projects that improve the planet.

GreenCrypto Corporation has unveiled its groundbreaking green fundraising crypto project that aims to become the next big thing in the sector. Never before has there been such a unique, interesting project presented to investors, many of whom missed the train on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

What is GreenGold Project?

GreenGold Project is a crypto ecosystem like no other. allows the raising of massive funds from millions of people around the globe with the intention of investing them in green and sustainable projects, the GreenGold project will be releasing different tokens that will be used to fund underlying projects that will improve the lives of humans and the planet.

Its name derives its roots from the Avocado industry which has turned into a literal green Gold for everybody involved in it. According to the WBOC, the Avocado sector alone is worth more than $10 billion right now and is likely to reach more than $16 billion by 2026. This single industry has transformed agrarian economies across Central America from Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Indonesia. Therefore it is often referred to as Green Gold. 

Inspired by the Success of Avocados

The GreenGold project is inspired by the rapid progression of the Avocado sector and aims to provide a new platform that systematizes the rapid development and fundraising of new green initiatives in countries across the globe. At the heart of the GreenGold project is a blockchain-driven ecosystem that uses disruptive technologies to deliver safe, sustainable and traceable green products. The use of IoT and Agro4.0 technologies is the solution to decrease waste, care for natural resources and protect the planet. It is essential to double and improve food production for the coming years and GreenGold Project enables massive investment to people from all over the world to achieve it.

Powered by GreenBlocks Blockchain Ledger (Solana)

The platform is powered by the GreenBlocks blockchain Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) which is a Blockchain 4.0 system, way ahead of the conventional 3.0 (PhS) systems currently under development in much of the crypto world. GreenBlocks utilize the full power and sustainability of the only blockchain that uses Proof of History (PoH) as consensus. eliminating power-based consensus (PoW) and delivering the lowest fees and maximum transactional power, SOLANA.

Why the Need for the GreenGold Project?

Such a revolutionary system is the need of the hour as the farming sector is still often reliant on decades old technology and funding sources that are outdated and designed to suppress farmers and deprive them from financial independence.

The GreenGold ecosystem is powered by a fast, reliable and cost effective mechanism. Transaction costs are set at the lowest among all such token-based fundraising systems in place. 

The GreenGold project is a completely open, transparent and decentralized approach to human enhancement. Its “points without borders” approach, enhanced privacy features and instant transactional capability make it a lucrative option for investors. 

According to a UN statement:

“It is essential to double food production, reduce waste and take care of the planet’s environment”

“The Green Gold Project allows to redirect the trillions of dollars that are currently in crypto market capitalization and direct them to solve food production, food security and world hunger, taking care of the planet and sustainability… our invitation to the world is to invest in our crypto tokens which improve the lives of humans on earth enjoying the benefits of crypto disruption, profits, capitalization, secondary markets, and decentralized trust. Are you going to invest in Bitcoin that destroys the planet because of the need for energy, or in AvocadoCoin, Green Token that helps world hunger and gives you profits from the avocado industry?” – Gonzalo Araújo Cabarcas, co-founder and CTO GreenCrypto Corporation.

What is GreenGold Project Backed by?

GreenGold is backed by several tokens from all successful industries. These are security tokens and are backed by real-world investments and agricultural innovation including Avocado Coin (AVDO), Lemon Coin, Berry Coin and others. Currently, the Avocado Coin is being promoted by the GreenGold project in a first offering. 


While the platform itself is primarily supported by GreenGoldCoin (GGLD), various other security tokens as mentioned above also come into play for raising funds and other economic purposes. 

Avocado Coin

Avocado Coin is the first one of these digital security tokens to be offered by the company. The total supply of AVDO is set at 21 million coins, which is exactly the same as Bitcoin itself. If you missed the chance to become a millionaire through Bitcoin, this is a good option.

AvocadoCoin starts with a value of $1,000 and is expected to surpass the current value of bitcoin in the next few years.

GreenGold Coin

The platform itself is primarily the circulating supply of the fundraising ecosystem. Due to its nature, it is a much more liquid option than AVDO and its total supply is set at 21 trillion GGLD tokens. 

The current price of one GreenGoldCoin is set at $0.02. But this is only the launch price of the new token. The price is expected to rise strongly in the coming months as early harvest projects are funded and executed. 

Visit the official GreenGoldCoin: 

Visit the official AvocadoCoin: 

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