Revamping the DogeCoin Arena with AngryFloki – The Pioneer Incentivized Gaming Token

The AngryFloki project is an all in one function token focused on driving the crypto community to new and better heights with $DOGECOIN rewards, a buyback function, P2E Minigames, and NFTs!

Milan, Italy, Nov. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This budding project is on track to change how both the centralized and decentralized worlds view cryptocurrencies and then some.

The AngryFloki Project Explained

AngryFloki, an upcoming altcoin project, has vowed to challenge how other projects approach the crypto scene by having an actual cause, incentivized gaming. The project’s website, clearly outlines their focus on revamping the crypto scene by looking for new approaches through which cryptocurrencies can help gaming enthusiasts and other crypto aficionados earn more from their skills.

Elon Musk’s Floki trend inspired the founders of this project to launch a cryptocurrency project with a similar name, AngryFloki. Inspired by the Angry Birds minigame with Elon’s Floki dog give the project its unique name. Through this project, minigame enthusiasts have a medium through which their skills can open new opportunities for them in the cryptocurrency space.

To add to the minigames craze created by AngryFloki, the project founders also have the aspect of NFTs in their rewards system. NFTs are of great importance in the crypto scene right now as their value is ever increasing exponentially. This goes to show that the project is concerned about their community and is ready to give them financial freedom through different rewards. As the project grows, they have set aside funds for minting their own set of rare and limited NFTs. This will not only ensure the NFTs keep growing in value, but also ensures the value of the token rises as these digital assets are all linked to one project.


Through AngryFloki’s DOGE Vault, users get to earn Dogecoin when they hold $AFLOKI tokens. The uniqueness of the AngryFloki project lies within its goal to spread wealth among its community. One of the ways this is possible, is through issuing DOGE rewards. Huge allocation of these rewards go to the DOGE Vault.

The AngryFloki community earns $DOGECOIN by holding the $AFLOKI token. 4% of buy transaction and 6 % of sell transaction are redistributed in $DOGECOIN to all holders, this process is done automatically and the milage can be observed through their official website dashboard.

The entire process is automated in a way that users get autopaid twice a day (every 12 hours) and the holders don’t need to manually claim their earned $DOGECOIN, it’s automatically sent to their wallet.

To earn $DOGECOIN all that is required for users to do is to buy $AFLOKI tokens and HODL them.

AngryFloki’s Unique Buyback Function

This unique buyback functions is the project’s preventive measures against massive dumps. 1% of each buy transaction and 1.5% of each sell transaction will pour into the buyback funds. The buyback will be activated when the whales dump and the chart dropped almost 50-70% from the ATH. Therefore, buybacks increase the value of $AFLOKI tokens and encourages holders to keep holding, given the continuous rise in the price as the effect of buyback.

The Buyback will be also set to be transparent, where everyone can access the amount of the buyback wallet and none of the amount inside the buyback wallet can be taken out until it is fully utilized. This feature is widely used in centralized finance, mostly in stock trading and the AngryFloki project is among the first projects to apply it to the decentralized world.

NFT Marketplace

AngryFloki is set to open their own AngryFloki NFT Marketplace & auction meme NFT’s. The team is determined to create a solid token with unique case and thus delve into the NFT arena. A report of a tech-tracking company, L’Atelier BNP Paribas and posited that the NFT Market was worth $250 million and further reflects a 299% growth rate in 2020. These blossoming statistics encourage the AngryFloki project to create its NFT Marketplace where NFTs will be stored, displayed, traded, and minted. This positions the $AFLOKI among the biggest competitors of the market.

The NFTs will also get integrated into the minigames that the dev team is working on and every holder and/or player will have their very own NFT with every character bearing the special characteristics of the gaming icons.

Play2Earn Minigames

Understanding incentivized gaming – The minigames P2E rewards will be in the form of $ANGRYFLOKI token. Players who complete each stage of the AngryFloki mini games will be rewarded. Each stage has their own difficulty, the higher the difficulty of the stage is the more $ANGRYFLOKI token will be rewarded to the players. There are also NFT that will be available to purchase in the marketplace, and these NFTs are integrated to unlock specific characters that have their own unique abilities that will help player complete the stage easier.

When asked why they chose this approach, the AngryFloki team leader responded by saying, “This Strategy is crucial because we want to create a minigames that is very fun and inspires growth. In addition, the NFT characters that are integrated to the mini games will bring more value to the NFT themselves in the NFT marketplace. Basically, we have brought in a new approach for incentivizing gaming.”


It goes without saying that as a project grows, it ought to spread its wings and help those around it experience growth too. The project attests that through cryptocurrency donations, more money gets to the hands of those that need it most. In the case of AngryFloki, the charity of choice will be aligned towards dogs and since the crypto donations will have low processing fees, more funds will get to these facilities helping dogs.

To show how committed they are to giving back to the community, the project is planning on holding monthly charity drives to both sensitize people on different issues and help raise money. This being a community-centric project, they have decided to put aside 1% of each buy and sell transaction into their charity funds. The funds will be used as part of the donations to several charities.

AngryFloki Roadmap

The diversified AngryFloki team is composed of experienced and professional team-players that have been in the crypto space for a long time. This team consists of professionals each with their specific skillset and they range from marketing, legal, entrepreneurship, software development, among others. This team stands out because the members come from all corners of the globe, and they understand the marketing demand of each location.

The project is focused on what lies ahead as they prepare for its huge upcoming presale. Their well laid out roadmap is as expounded below:

Development phase: This is the conception phase of the project that focuses on the first hurdles that need to get tackled such as smart contract creation, website development, bouncing ideas, and interest building.

Marketing & Advancement phase: For any project, be it in the centralized or decentralized world, marketing is the key to its growth. The AngryFloki team has a clearly laid out marketing plan on their website that will ensure the sky is not the limit, they want to go further. Some of the marketing platforms users can expect to see AngryFloki include TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and of course Telegram. Also included in the marketing budget are ads on popular crypto platforms such as Dextools, BSCscan, and Poocoin.

Adoption phase: This stage will lean towards integrating the project fully to the crypto space. The team will look into more crypto exchanges where $AFLOKI will get listed as well as expanding the project’s investor list.

Partnership phase: In this phase, the project aims to partner with renowned crypto projects to get the word out there about AngryFloki. This is where new ideas come up on how the project can improve to meet the needs of their ever-growing clients and they may include creating bridges to join gamers from the centralized world to those in crypto, Swap Launch, and NFT auctions.

Angryfloki Iphone 13 or Samsung Z Fold 3 Weekly Giveaways.

The project is giving out 3 unit of Iphone 13 or Samsung Z Fold 3 weekly (T&C apply). Looking at how much a user has invested in the project, everyone is eligible to win either an IPHONE 13 or a Samsung Z Fold 3, depending on their preferences. You want to know what the requirements are? Simple, buy as much $AFLOKI as you can and hold it.

$AFLOKI Token Sale

Upon launching, users can purchase $AFLOKI tokens on PancakeSwap and later on after gaining traction, Uniswap purchases will be available. The total supply of the tokens stands at 1 trillion $AFLOKI with unrivalled tokenomics that include $DOGECOIN rewards.

The AngryFloki project has already shown its might when it comes to how gaming in itself is an asset to gamers. Get ready to experience unrivalled growth on the crypto scene with AngryFloki.

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