ProBit Global Will Now Offer Automated DCA Services for Cryptocurrency Traders

VICTORIA, Seychelles , Nov. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ProBit Global has announced its completed integration with automated DCA bot service Deltabadger on November 3, 2021, as part of its latest partnership to strengthen API trading services for its users.

Deltabadger enables cryptocurrency traders to set up automated, long-term dollar-cost averaging strategies through strategically recurring buy and sell order cycles with a full range of time and price parameters at their disposal.

As of press time, Deltabadger currently hosts 1,349 active bots, of which all bots running DCA over the past year are generating profits. BTC remains the top choice for DCA investors with 127.6 BTC in total being implemented towards fully-calibrated DCA strategies as digital gold continues to reach all-time marks.

A convenient interface displays key analytics for investors to detail the current total amount purchased, the average price of purchases, total investment amount, current investment value, as well as a P/L metric to track overall growth.

The DCA strategy can be an equalizing tool for newer traders, removing common barriers such as technical analysis and market assessment needed to enter a position.

While some traders endorse a higher risk, higher rewards approach through a lump-sum purchase, DCA involves a steady buildup focused on minimizing risk through smaller, recurring purchases made over a consistent time frame.

DCA is often endorsed as a way of hedging against market volatility while remaining in a position to capture the upticks. To further illustrate, a DCA strategy with a recurring daily purchase of $100 in BTC over the past year generated a 70% increase based on calculations by dcaBTC.

ProBit Global users can set up bots by adding API keys to the Deltabadger interface to execute automated transactions for over 700 tokens. The API service provides full customization options ranging from smart intervals and customized price ranges to optimize the accumulation of accrued purchases spread out over an hourly, daily, weekly, or yearly cycle.

Deltabadger’s signature smart interval option will automatically place either buy or sell orders at ProBit Global’s minimum order size of 1 USDT by utilizing flexible purchasing intervals.

One of the key value propositions behind smart intervals is to provide a safeguard when a cryptocurrency used to denominate minimum orders drops a specified DCA amount below the minimum.

For example, a trader with a current DCA strategy capped at 1 USDT per order is currently using an exchange with a minimum order size denominated in a non-stable currency token such as BTC. If BTC were to vault upwards, the trader’s orders will no longer execute due to falling below the minimum threshold in BTC, which now exceeds his cap of 1 USDT.

With the smart interval option activated, the bots would continue to fill orders at 1 USDT but at an adjusted frequency across wider intervals in order to accommodate for any price increases behind the asset, in this case BTC.

Deltabadger founder Jan Klosowski, being faced with a similar predicament of being unable to purchase fractions of a precious metal coin during price increase, struck upon the novel idea of executing orders based on a time interval that would automatically adjust purchasing frequency to align with the appreciated or depreciated asset value.

With smart interval activated, traders can simultaneously ensure that bots execute orders at intervals determined by their DCA purchase limit while increasing buy orders during price reductions and selling off more during bull runs.

The Deltabadger team increased the cap on free subscription plans to $1,200 while unlocking unlimited transactions for any currencies on ProBit Global for 1-year plan holders.

Hodler accounts can access the full range of Deltabadger’s features including limit orders, price condition, and price range settings. These features can help dampen the effects of transaction fees and spreads while ensuring orders hit in a defined price range.

Deltabadger will also roll out additional tools for users to further optimize trading range, time, and frequency along with a soon to be released automatic withdrawal feature for custom transfers of accumulated tokens into non-custodial wallets.

According to Deltabadger founder Jan Klosowski, “In addition to unveiling the aforementioned features over the next two months, the platform plans to release auto-rebalanced index portfolios during the following year. This will be an exciting addition for those thinking about how to manage their crypto assets long-term.”

ABOUT Deltabadger

Deltabadger is a service that automates dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on popular exchanges.

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