Mother-Daughter Duo Break Into Billion-Dollar NFT Market Giving Away 500 Free Non-Binary Tokens

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As a longtime investor in cryptocurrency and a former Google, Facebook and Uber executive, Camille Dargan consistently serves as a thought leader for colleagues, friends, and family on all things tech and finance. Camille’s now ready to share her wealth of knowledge and creativity by entering the NFT market as a creator! True to nature, she’s not going on this journey alone. After representing elite brands for nearly a decade, tech titan Camille Dargan and her six-year-old daughter will take the billion-dollar NFT market by storm, offering 500 masterfully curated tokens … for FREE!

Camille Dargan & six-year-old daughter take billion-dollar NFT market by storm, offering 500 nostalgic tokens for FREE!

During a time when everyone from TikTok influencers to meme creators are finding a way to cash in on their artistic creations, Dargan and her six-year-old choose to pay it forward by offering these beautiful and culturally relevant NFTs for FREE! When reflecting on the price point for the Mx. Potato Head collection, Dargan says “offering our first collection at no cost closely aligns with our values of lowering the barrier of entry to becoming an owner of an NFT collectible and makes entering the market more accessible for individuals who are not high net worth individuals. In sync with Camille’s mission of supporting inclusivity, 6% of all proceeds will go to a community-based charity aiding historically marginalized communities.

The free Mx. Potato Head collection is the first creative installation in the Dargan family’s 10-part NFT series. The Mx. Potato Head collection will be available on OpenSea on November 22, 2021 at 10am PST on a first come, first serve basis. The 10 collections will amass 10,000 total tokens. The remaining 9,500 items spanning across the additional nine collections are projected to premiere on the 22nd of every month until August 22, 2022.

The landmark Mx. Potato Head collection features 500 rare non-binary tokens serving as an ode to an idyllic late ’90s and early 2000s childhood and the inclusive culture of the San Francisco community. More importantly, the unique properties of the Mx. Potato Head collection exude nostalgic excitement while celebrating the modern and diverse nature of everyday Americans! Mx. Potato Head is inspired by Dargan’s daughter’s non-binary preschool teacher and the San Francisco culture. Both influences enlightened Camille and her intimate community on the importance of leading with love and inclusion!

Creating a new lane for mommy-daughter collaborations in business, technology and finance, Dargan’s daughter excitedly worked alongside her mother to design the collection using a variety of fun digital wardrobe choices, facial expressions and color palettes for each token. Camille and her daughter believe it’s important to authentically own their creative process from start to finish and are most proud of creating original artwork together, without assistance from other artists. Since starting this journey, Camille says “creating this collection with my daughter is very meaningful for me. Her knowledge of NFTs and cryptocurrency has increased dramatically and I’m teaching her that making art is an essential part of finding happiness and practicing self-expression. Through this collection, we’re using our voices to advocate for a community we care for as allies. As an ambitious woman and nurturing mother, I take great satisfaction in creating deeply impactful art that also functions as a teaching mechanism.”

Follow Camille on Twitter for updates related to the 500 free Mx. Potato Head tokens releasing on November 22nd on OpenSea, her nine other creative mommy-daughter collections or her latest insights on the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency!

About the Mx. Potato Head Collection:

Mx. Potato Head collection is the first creative installation of a 10-part mommy-daughter NFT series. This collection features a set of non-binary potato heads showcasing nostalgia for the late ’90s and early 2000s. Each of the 10 collections will feature 500-1500 items. The NFTs will mint and be released on the 22nd of each month from November 2021 through August 2022. The first 5 collections will be free. Collectors will only need to pay for gas fees.

About Camille Dargan:

Camille Dargan is a former tech executive who oversaw client sales across Google, Uber and Facebook. After spending nearly a decade working in Sales and Operations for billion-dollar brands and startups, Camille pivoted her focus to being a wife and mother as well as helping new college graduates break into tech and cryptocurrency.

Camille is a longtime investor in cryptocurrency and recently entered the world of NFTs by acquiring several World of Women tokens and creating her own collection, Mx. Potato Heads. True to nature, she’s not going on this journey alone and collaborates with her six-year-old daughter. Camille believes it’s important to authentically own their creative process from start to finish and is most proud of creating original artwork together, without the assistance of other artists.

Follow Camille Dargan and the Mx. Potato Head collection on Twitter for updates or to catch her latest insights on the ever-evolving world of NFTs!

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