Kepler Vault: Building a Simple, Open and Free Financial World

Anaheim, CA, July 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In June 2022, Kepler sponsored the second Bay Area Metaverse Conference to gather with the world’s technology giants to discuss the future of the Metaverse and aggregate the value of the digital age. It marks a solid step for Kepler to lead decentralized finance to the future economy of financial innovation. Kepler Vault is launching on August. Welcoming all retail investors to participate.

Redefining “Kepler”
Humanity’s exodus and journey to new frontiers in space might be far off, however, the revolution of the financial world is achievable and well within humanity’s grasp.

Kepler-22b is the first of the Kepler exoplanets to be found in the habitable zone of its host star by NASA in December 2011. Thanks to the inexorable spirit of exploration of humanity, two planets separated by a distance of 600 light-years are inextricably linked, laying the foundation for the infinite hope and possibility of the future of mankind.
The capable and ambitious ones among us have always had the foresight and drive to push the envelope and realize the revelations that they aspired to, thus, forging great journeys and careers in different fields. On this note, Kepler has brought a whole new different angle and meaning to the field of cryptocurrency – the DeFi aggregate income platform named “Kepler”, adhering to the spirit of exploration, unyielding, innovation and fearlessness, is committed to building a simple, open and free financial world. Like a brand-new planet, it provides investors with a pure financial land to discover and create greater potential and value in the DeFi era.

Global sharing of Kepler’s financial ecosystem

Although traditional finance is prosperous, many problems have gradually emerged: new investors and funds entering this sphere are faced with steep learning curves. It is difficult for users to evaluate and effectively utilize the revenue opportunities, and the high gas fees make it impossible for retail investors to realize the best strategies, etc., making it difficult for retail investors to gain profits. The decentralized financial ecosystem, which is supposed to be absolutely fair, is actually full of hidden barriers.

In Kepler, users can forego the complicated learning cost and operation process. They will only need to deposit funds into the Kepler automatized pool, while the system will track and analyze the data on the chain in real time and based on the rate of return of the entire network of DeFi projects, risk factors, transaction depth, TVL quota, transaction slippage, etc., the system will evaluate, formulate and implement the best investment strategy.

It is worth emphasizing that in Kepler, the principal deposited by users can be withdrawn at any time, ensuring flexibility of funds. In terms of security, which is of great concern to the majority of users, Kepler adheres to the principle of “code is law”, all software is open source, and Kepler itself has been jointly audit by multiple auditing companies to ensure the security of contract execution.

With Kepler’s influence on various encrypted financial derivatives fields, the Kepler income aggregator ecology is gradually divaricating and permeating every corner of Earth, and a global pattern of sharing Kepler’s financial ecosystem has taken shape.
The universe is vast and profound, and the pace of human exploration has never stopped. Likewise, the birth of Kepler marks the fulcrum of human financial history, and a great financial revolution will begin.

Jerry Lau
[email protected]

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