BitCoke Established Investment Arm by Rolling out 300 Million USD Eco Fund

Crypto exchange BitCoke on June 9 announced the launch of BitCoke Ventures – its affiliated investment arm, and a $300 million investment fund to foster exchange outreach. 

With notable backers, the fund will focus on investing in startup projects in the field of infrastructure blockchain, wallet, Gamefi, NFT, Web3 and other areas critical to the business and ecosystem of BitCoke Exchange. On top of financing, BitCoke Ventures will also assist in a full range of services including marketing resources, tokenomics, Launchpad, and market maker.

Pietro Riccio, CEO of BitCoke Exchange, said that the strategic financing highlighted BitCoke’s growth potential as a professional trading platform. “As BitCoke continues to adapt to the paradigm shift in crypto trading, this institutional investment will accelerate the development of the exchange and the promotion of BitCoke native token, as well as help us explore the merging between Cex and Dex exchanges.” 

BitCoke is introduced as an encrypted derivatives exchange for professional traders and institutions, with the performance characteristics of no downtime, high-speed matching, and low transaction costs. As one of the biggest highlights, BitCoke is the first cryptocurrency Dex to offer Quanto swap. Users can choose any one of BTC/ETH/USDT as the margin, that is, the settlement currency, to trade and settle all contracts with leverage on the platform. In addition to using USDT for trading and settlement like many exchanges, users can also open any contract with BTC or ETH to earn more BTC or ETH on BitCoke, hence the name “Mixed Contract” . 

In addition to the three major product features of hybrid contracts, professional charts, and fund systems, BitCoke also attaches great importance to the transaction process and experience. It has a fast matching engine, excellent liquidity, and cold wallets to isolate assets to ensure asset security and fair matching. , which provides the best ease of use.

About BitCoke

BitCoke is regarded as the world’s first Quanto swap crypto exchange, with trader-centric features, i.e. fair matching, fast execution and low fees. Its original products, like Quanto swap, proprietar chart, fund management system, make the exchange popular among traders, funds, and asset management firms. BitCoke has long ranked in the top 10 by volume at the CoinMarketCap derivative marketplace.


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