Introducing DashDeals: The Asset-Based Rewards Program For Investors, Merging Traditional Commerce With Digital Assets

AssetDash Launches Asset Rewards Platform With DeGods, Magic Eden, and MonkeDAO

MIAMI, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AssetDash, the all-in-one portfolio tracker for investors, today announced the launch of DashDeals – a rewards program for NFT holders to benefit from in-real-life deals, discounts, and gift cards at select retailers. The novel Web3 rewards program is based solely on asset ownership. To start, owners of DeGods, Solana Monkeys, Magic Eden’s Magic Tickets, Degen Apes, CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Moonbirds, Doodles, and more are immediately eligible to receive DashDeals rewards.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs estimate current investments in Web3 technology worldwide could lead to an $8 trillion dollar digital economy. As major platforms like Shopify embrace Web3, more retailers are eager to participate. To streamline adoption, AssetDash launched a first-of-its-kind DashDeals Shopify app last month that allows retailers to offer deals directly to NFT holders in a matter of seconds. Now, their new DashDeals rewards system opens the door for brands to effortlessly tap into Web3 communities while holders of select NFTs gain access to hundreds of product deals from Unstoppable Domains, Amazon and Apple gift cards to fashion brands like Ubuntu and digital goods. Bridging traditional and digital commerce worlds, the rewards system brings a whole new world of utility to digital collectibles and allows retailers to easily access new potential customers.

“DashDeals is an exciting next step for the AssetDash Platform and we are looking forward to its benefits for the SMB community,” the MonkeDAO board said in a statement. “DashDeals should allow for NFT collections to provide not only utility to holders, but a stronger connection to brands and potential partners. MonkeDAO is happy not only to have its members invested into AssetDash, but to celebrate a project made by its members being used for the good of the broader ecosystem.”

With the total global cryptocurrency market cap at approximately $1 trillion and predicted to rise four- to five-fold by 2030, collectors and investors need a seamless way to track their assets. AssetDash, one of the top-rated investment apps and platforms to date, currently supports 150+ platforms, wallets and blockchains to bolster the thriving digital economy. With the launch of DashDeals reward systems, investors can now track all their investments and earn rewards based on their assets in one place.

“DashDeals applies the concept of ‘AMEX Rewards’ to the ownership of digital assets,” said Matias Dorta, CEO of AssetDash. “With DashDeals, investors can unlock hundreds of deals based on assets that they own, and brands easily get their product in front of the Web3 community.”

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