Battle Infinity Reaches 50% of Hard Cap (8,250 BNB) in 22 days – Early Sell Out Signals 100x Potential

Battle Infinity Races to Fundraising Sellout for its Fantasy Sports Revolution

LONDON, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Battle Infinity, the fantasy sports NFT games platform set to surpass the achievements of Axie Infinity, has exceeded expectations by raising more than $2 million from investors in just 22 days.

The blockchain games project has now pulled in more than half of the amount it was seeking from investors through the sale of its IBAT token.

Battle Infinity is using NFT technology to build a gaming platform to target the growing fantasy sports sector in a challenge to the legacy incumbents.

Play-to-earn mechanics, the ability to trade in-game assets on the platform and outside of it, and the project’s stated mission to integrate fantasy sports with the metaverse, have all combined to capture the imagination of savvy crypto investors.

The fundraiser was originally set to last 90 days but the project is comfortably ahead of that run-rate schedule.

Battle Infinity aims to amass 16,500 BNB in its presale, having already beaten expectations by achieving its soft cap target of 2,000 BNB early. BNB is the token of the Binance exchange, which at the time of writing is valued at $278.

A soft cap is the minimum amount a project requires in order to deliver its minimum viable product, while the hard cap (16,500 BNB) is the maximum amount to be raised before a token presale ends.

Battle Infinity: NTF-powered gaming is crypto’s killer app

The speed at which investors are snapping up the IBAT token of the Battle Infinity ecosystem is testament to the staying power of crypto investors, given the challenging general market conditions, and the strength of the project.

Although the crypto market has seen valuations plummet in recent months, there is still clearly plenty of appetite for quality projects.

A recent report by DappRadar showed that the games sector is the least affected by the crypto crash.

Battle Infinity is being built by a group of Indian developers and intends to start by targeting the huge fantasy sports market in India.

The likes of Dream 11 and Mobile Premier League currently dominate the Indian fantasy sports landscape – between them they have amassed 185 million downloads of their apps.

However, Battle Infinity is by no means restricting its addressable market to India.

The project has a global vision, so in addition to rolling out a cricket game, it will be following up with football and American sports such as basketball, as well as targeting many other popular leagues from around the world.

In fantasy sports, platform users construct teams based on actual players, with the fantasy team’s performance measured by the achievements of the selected real-world players.

Consultancy McKinsey values the metaverse as being a $5 trillion business opportunity by 2030.

“Fantasy sports are ripe for meaningful disruption” says co-founder Suresh Joshi

Co-founder Suresh Joshi, commenting on his project’s fundraising success said: “We couldn’t be more pleased with how the presale is going.

“It is a welcome validation of our business proposition and the achievability of our plans.

“Fantasy sports are ripe for meaningful disruption in a way that makes the best of what Play-to-Earn and NFT technology has to offer.

“We have learnt from the mistakes of others and aim to make gaming both more enjoyable but also with added value for users.

“Development is on track. Our team is currently working hard on the Battle Swap decentralised exchange (DEX) and our augmented reality viewer dApp [decentralised application] prototype – we hope to be able to share news on both of those products after the presale ends.

“Also, as soon as the fundraiser ends we will be listing IBAT on the Pancakeswap DEX, to be followed by major centralised exchanges.

“We have not yet decided on the listing price point of IBAT at launch, but will announce details before the presale ends.”

Battle Infinity road ahead

Battle Infinity is currently in Phase 3 of its roadmap. As part of that development phase, the team is working on its decentralised application (dApp) prototype 3D augmented reality (AR) viewer.

In Phase 4 the alpha version of the dApp is released on the Google Play Store and the Battle Swap mainnet will be activated.

By Phases 6 and 7, the metaverse avatars will be built and virtual real estate ‘Land’ made available for purchase in the Battle Arena metaverse.

More about Battle Infinity

The Battle Infinity platform comprises six distinct products designed as a complete efficient, accessible and easy-to-use ecosystem:

IBAT PREMIER LEAGUE – to access their account to play the game, users connect their crypto wallet, which they then use to interact with BEP721 and BEP20 contracts for the content ownership and trading assets. To pipe in live sports, event feed APIs are used to access sports, player, league, match and other data.

IBAT BATTLE SWAP – decentralized exchange that works like a “bank” on our platform. It enables new users to buy IBAT tokens directly and also convert their winning rewards to another currency

IBAT BATTLE MARKET – area where creators can mint their artwork; buy and sell; and advertise their assets in the Battle Arena as well as on billboards and land. (2) Area where game players can buy and upgrade their avatar, game, land, etc as well as trade all other items in-game assets.

IBAT BATTLE GAMES – multiplayer games store where gamers on the platform can gain access to multiple NFT-based games to play and earn.

IBAT BATTLE ARENA – players have their own unique avatar they can upgrade on the IBAT Battle Market.

IBAT BATTLE STAKE – IBAT Battle Stake is the staking platform where users can deposit tokens for set time periods to receive an annual percentage yield (APY). There are three types of staking

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Co-founder: Suresh Joshi
Chief executive officer: Jagjeet Jena
Chief technical officer: Vinay Chhabra
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