Seva.Love announces its first social impact project, The 3 Bears, to shed light on climate refugees in the animal world

Seva.Love’s NFT artist, WhIsBe, and renowned wildlife photographer and filmmaker, Hamid Sardar, launch exclusive NFT collection to raise awareness.

LAKE NONA, Fla., April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Seva.Love, co-founded by well-being icon, Deepak Chopra, MD, and social impact and tech entrepreneur, Poonacha Machaiah, come together with Seva.Love’s NFT artist, WhIsBe, world-renowned wildlife photographer and filmmaker, Hamid Sardar, and non-profit animal protection organization, Animals Australia, to launch the “The 3 Bears” rescue mission to highlight the ongoing global climate crisis and raise public awareness to climate refugees in the animal kingdom. The Seva.Love ‘The 3 Bears’ NFT launch will be ready for minting on April 28th at 8AM PT at

While working on a documentary film project in Mongolia, Sardar witnessed and managed to save three juvenile bears, who had been part of a larger sleuth of brown bears that had traveled hundreds of miles escaping wildfires that were ravaging their home in Siberian Taïga in Russia. Arriving in the neighboring grasslands of Mongolia where they sought to prepare for winter hibernation, they sought out livestock – the only food source available to them in an unknown environment – leaving the local nomads terrified. The plight of these bears illustrates the predicament of countless animals in the world who are becoming climate change refugees – species driven out of their habitats because of destructive human behavior.

The goal of The 3 Bears collaboration is to raise funds to cover all costs related to safely transporting and releasing the bears into a protected nature reserve. More broadly, this undertaking seeks to serve a deeper purpose: according to Sardar, “Our mission is to preserve the uniqueness of Mongolia’s nomadic culture which is not just the vast grassland habitat or it’s rare species of plants and animals,” he continues, “It is the spiritual connection with the environment and animals that is an essential part of the Mongol soul, one which also belongs to the common stock of human consciousness.”

WhIsBe will be releasing a limited amount of his Vandalz project exclusive Good Karma Tokens (GKT) that will rally his community behind the mission. Sardar will be launching his first limited edition NFT photo collection which will be launched on Seva.Love ( to raise funds for supporting the bear rescue mission. Of this work, WhIsBe shared “it is incredible to be able to use art with technology to help raise funding, awareness, and immediate relief to any situation in the world. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be of service for the greater good and to have a positive impact.”

Louise Bonomi, Director of Development at Animals Australia, also reflected stating, “we are proud to support work that embodies our vision: a world where kindness, compassion and respect extend to all beings. Local Head Ranger, Tumursuk’s work in Mongolia to champion the protection of animals and their natural environment is reaching the generational changemakers and is dismantling the belief that some animals are less deserving of protection.”

Actor and humanitarian, Gabriella Wright, who was integral in forming this group’s partnership, shares that, “great stories can only be inspired by an ensemble of great beings, learning from each other and recognizing each other’s strengths. The social impact campaign championed by Seva.Love to rescue the bears, is an outstanding example of love in actions for sentient beings.”

SEVA.LOVE is a platform focused on igniting global action by galvanizing a community of mission-oriented artists, philanthropists, brands, and change makers around causes that matter. SEVA.LOVE enables artists to create social transformation within their communities by creating and promoting their own unique NFT collections. The funds raised from each NFT auction goes to the respective partner’s foundation and can then be used in service of their cause.  For more information please visit and follow us at twitter: @metaseva instagram: @meta.seva discord: 

About Hamid Sardar
Hamid Sardar is a writer, photographer, scholar, explorer and award-winning film-maker based in Paris/France who earned his Ph.D. degree at Harvard University in Sanskrit & Tibetan Studies. For over twenty years (2000-2020) he has dedicated his time to exploring Central Asia, bringing awareness to the plight of her various nomadic traditions through various cultural preservation projects. His articles, books, award-winning films and photography have appeared in prestigious publications such as National Geographic, Geo, Le Figaro and Paris Match. 

About WhIsBe
WhIsBe is a contemporary artist, who shares his work and message with a broad spectrum of viewers, spanning both street art and museum, gallery and public installations. His work is reflective and aims to create discussions and provoke socio-awareness. Known for his iconic Vandal Gummy series, which emphasizes the juxtaposition of common narratives and stigmas society has adopted. WhIsBe has previously worked with charities and corporations such as Coach, Red Bull, the Art Works Charity Foundation, and most recently created a rendition of his Vandal Gummy to aid efforts in helping those in Ukraine

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